Adele: “Obama Should Be In Jail”


In a recent BBC interview, superstar singer ‘Adele’ scolded former president Barack Obama for the newly released reports that Obama has a proximity bunker 2 miles from the White House.

“If he is planning to try and take power back I’m totally against it”, she quipped. “If that’s what he’s really planning I think he should be in Jail.”

She added that while she normally prefers to steer clear of politics, she felt that as a public figure she couldn’t possibly sit back in silence.

“The level of corruption in the US government is horrid. We hear things in the UK about what goes on in politics in America, and some of the things are so disgusting, people don’t want to believe it.”



  1. i find it strange that this website only posts news that supports one political party. corruption in government is widespread on both sides, but this site seems to think that only one side is bad. i wonder if the people who run it even realize how transparent it is. if you want to be taken seriously as a news resource you need to establish yourself as being objective in this age. children are going to be as intelligent as supercomputers when they are older and will not have any trouble seeing through the narrative of ‘here are the good guys and here are the bad guys’ as an imperialistic propaganda tactic that is a remnant of the dying age that caused all the worst wars the world has ever seen. the military industrial complex is an amalgamation of companies that grew to success because of the spending of federal budgets on war supplies, but without war they began going out of business. however, with the amount of success they saw, they had the ability to fund efforts of influencing politics to the point that could influence wars to be fought just for the sake of commercial gain. they have the ability to create their own media. this site was registered only a few days ago and the ones that own it are scared of being discovered, which is why the registration of the domain name is being privately hidden. we live in a world where you can right click an image and search THE ENTIRE INTERNET for other forms of that image. and this website tries to post politically biased, false news and justifying it with what it calls ‘proof’: at least i can rest assured they are making themselves look terrible and wasting money to prop up a dying remnant of a bygone age.

  2. “The level of corruption in the US government is horrid. We hear things in the UK about what goes on in politics in America, and some of the things are so disgusting, people don’t want to believe it.”

    Adele are you ignorant about the horrible shit in the UK government that is just as bad, if not worse, then in America? Wake up Adele. It’s a globalist problem. That evil monarchy is the worst. Well maybe the Vatican is the worst.

  3. Obama and His Administration Voted for Nazism to Exist in the United Nations Resolution on Banning it Globally (unbelievable but perfectly true according to the UN Vote in November 2014) – What is the Modern World of Politics coming too When the Most Insidious Political Ideology and Regime Ever Invented that Murdered tens of Millions world-wide, is Allowed to Exist and Flourish – But Obama Wants it That Way –

  4. I’m impressed by how this website tells us like it is. No sensationalism at all – straight facts and well documented research, with sources and all. Thank god for the alternative media, that saves us from the mainstream garbage by showing us the truth. I’m also impressed by how legit the comments are. I’m a little bit disappointed that you haven’t run the news that Obama is actually Hitler reincarnate — but I’m sure you’ll get to it.

    • “I’m impressed by how this website tells us like it is.”

      I’m laughing so hard right now. 😀 Thanks for that!

      • Ha! Indeed.

        Love your handle. The comment section of this website is a stark display of how schools have failed in teaching kids how to think critically and skeptically. But then again when you have the Republican party putting in its platform (see Texas GOP) that they oppose the teaching of critical thinking skills in public schools “because it challenges children’s fixed beliefs and parental authority”, what can you expect.

  5. Someone please tell me why a very talented singer be able to state her stupid opinion and it becomes world news? What is wrong with our world?

    Keep singing Sweetheart, but keep your uneducated opinion to yourself.

  6. This story is not about Adele. It is about corruption in the Government of the United States Backed by giant corporations with bottomless wallets buying politicians with no moral fiber.i.e. Obama. Do you really believe that the past president can afford an entire building in DC without the backing of a giant corporation. Sedition is not a palatable word to any one. This is the GLOBALIST AGENDA. Socialist America is on its way unless you wake up.

  7. I cannot believe the amount of people who believe that this is serious news. It’s fake, people. It’s satire. It isn’t anything that is supposed to be taken seriously. Even when you tell them that, they still persist in believing it’s true. This is exactly why Trump got elected. Trump supporters actually believed him.


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