US Attorney general, Jeff Sessions, announced Sunday evening that he is coordinating with FBI Director, James Comey, to reopen the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s private email servers after new evidence involving child trafficking has come to light.

Some speculate that the Trump administration held off their plans to indict Clinton on conspiracy charges wanting to avoid interference from former president, Barack Hussein Obama.

Sessions assured the press that an indictment was indeed coming soon and that they have enough evidence to “put her away for a long, long time”.

Clinton has not yet returned calls to comment.



  1. I personally would call for the DEATH PENALTY for her as well as Obama,..and down the line. Why waste even more money on these Traitors? We seriously need to be like Angola.

    ANGOLA – THE FIRST!!!! TO MAN UP, BALL UP, FIND A SPINE! Mosques shut down. “Leave You Are NOT Welcome Here”.
    Regarding the Radicalized Islam Terrorists – I look to the Nazi’s,.. they say only 5-7% were Nazi’s – 11 Million dead,.. How did that work out? We supposedly have 10% of Radical Islam Terrorist that want us DEAD. If I had a bowl full of M & M’s 10% contain poison – who’s in for a handful? It is IMPOSSIBLE AND PREPOSTEROUS to think that ALL Immigrants are Evil, however we need to preserve our lives first. Hence we need the Ban to figure out how, what, when, where,.. we know why. When you have our Vet’s who protected us living on the streets and give money to immigrants that VERY VOCALLY tells you in the streets, on their signs – they will Kill anyone disrespecting Islam, Death to all Non Believers, We will dominate the World, We will behead all infidels,..etc. Would you all agree that they aren’t being vague on their intentions of killing us? More over – to their Credit – they aren’t lying.
    It’s OBVIOUS that Obama was and still is trying to Destroy America and the rest of the World. Agenda 21 or the NWO is what he and the Elite want. Total Control over everyone, food, water, electricity, mode of transportation, housing, children – POOF all gone. There are currently 1064 FEMA DEATH CAMPS, OVER 2200+ Mosques, 22-35 ISIS TRAINING COMPOUNDS, Well over 6 k no go zones, underground tunnels that more soldiers have been sneaking in with weapons, 300 Gas Chambers, 30 Thousand Guillotines, 40 Million coffin liners large enough for 4 cadavers The Mosques that have been raided – underground tunnels were discovered leading to rooms filled with guns, bombs and rockets. This, my fellow Americans is all on OUR LAND. Both Hillary and Barack have put Billions of dollars towards arming them, seriously who loses 6 billion dollars? Barack ordered 250 Million Americans to be killed by the end of 2016 – thank God President Trump put a damper on their plans. Let’s be real here,.. he still wants that many people dead plus about 1.5 Million more, (I’m Low Balling – it’s way higher). Basically all the leaders want to depopulate 90% of Human life. There is 324,546,212 (approx) people in America, Muslims are roughly 1% of the head count 3.3 Million here,.. the World has 7,372,065,321 population – take 90% – I empower you – do the math. Obama spent 1.6 Billion of our tax dollars on Ammunition. Gheez – forget the Helen Keller sign language and toss the crayon – it’s pretty obvious that we are sitting ducks waiting to be slaughtered.

    With all of the Gang Rapes, Child abduction, Destruction, Bombings, Beatings, forced FGM, Be headings, Oppression of Women, Murder of all forms,.. that’s the one’s that are here,.. and we can’t control what’s here. Trillion Dollar question,… DOES IT MAKE SENSE TO BRING IN 65,000 OR 550% MORE OF THESE SOLDIERS IN? If there’s lefties reading,.. let it sink in. DOES IT MAKE SENSE? If your answer is yes, your parents have failed you miserably.

    The most dangerous one’s are the first to go, those that have been captured, imprisoned Guantanamo and released by Obama, HE IS NOT TARGETING Immigrants that have been vetted, that are American Born, Legal American Citizens. The most recent one’s for sure would be on my radar. I have friends and a Hanai Son that I love to the end of the earth, as well as his Mom, Sister and Dad. President Trump IS NOT TARGETING THEM.
    Regards to the Illegal Immigrants – if they apply for Citizenship and abide by our laws,.. there shouldn’t be any problem.
    It’s completely Illogical to even begin to think we can take care of the Universe, we cannot ignore our people that are struggling, we definitely should not be paying for housing, food, transportation for #1 Immigrants who want to kill us, #2 Immigrants that have contributed absolutely NOTHING, #3 Immigrants that NEVER intend on working, #4 Immigrants that NEVER PLAN TO ASSIMILATE – I think you get the picture.

    That being said – look at the Big Picture. The 1064 FEMA DEATH CAMPS aren’t going to fill themselves, Gas Chambers aren’t going to fill themselves, these Soldiers are not here for a Family Picnic – they want us all DEAD.
    At this point, Sadly – it’s not a matter of IF they attack, it’s WHEN.

    My Strong Suggestion – prepare your home for a disaster, get lots of Water, Non-perishable foods, TP, Flash lights, Batteries, Propane,…etc. If you do not have a gun for everyone in your home – RUN – Do Not Walk to the nearest Gun Shop. Check the best Vantage points to shoot them before they get close to your home. You have to be your own protection.

    May God Bless All Of You! God Bless America! God Bless the World! God Bless Our Beloved President Trump!

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  3. If you want to take down the Clintons then take down Chelsie Clinton… This will hurt them beyond what words can describe… Chelsie unfortunately followed the foot steps of her mother and father and her hands are as dirty as both of them… You take her down and the rest of the Clintons will tumble with her…


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