Less than 48 hours after promising to do so, ‘Wikileaks’ has dropped an absolute hammer on Hillary Clinton and former president, Barack Obama. This email is the first of a series of ‘lost’ emails that Clinton allegedly deleted and have just recently been recovered.  It is also undoubtedly the most disturbing and bizarre email to come to light yet.

In the email, addressed to former president Barack Obama, Huma Abedin and John Podesta among others, Clinton strangely references a “Pizza arrangement”, “Hotdogs” and “predetermined locations”.

Clinton also alludes to a “our downfall” in the email.

This email supports the allegation that Clinton among other Washington democrats are guilty of operating a child trafficking project.

The email also refers to ‘Activity in the White House’ seemingly confirming recent reports that the President was operating a pedophilia ring within the White House.

Julian Assange, founder of Wikileaks, said of the email, “The evidence is there. Hillary and Obama are done for. Now we are just waiting for President Trump to take action.”

“People often don’t want to believe the news because it’s unpleasant”, Assange added. “But facts are facts”.

Assange claims the email is among several that Wikileaks will be releasing over the coming weeks that were originally deleted and acid washed by Clinton and her confidants.



  1. It needs to be ALL dumped at once. Dribbling it out page by page dilutes the impact and people start to get very numb to the story. Just my opinion. And there’s always the case of too many good people, who are trying to put a stop to it, dying

    • I agree Karen this piece by piece gave them time to regroup and start with the Russian fake news about hacking the Election the Attorney General needs to be urged to open an investigation.

    • My only concern if he was to dump all at once it may be easier to dismiss as “fake”? Speaking purely from Assange’s record up to this point, I think he knows what he is doing. I’m not necessarily disagreeing with you, it’s just hard to say without knowing the entire scope of what he has.

      • I’m inclined to agree, Scott. I wish it would all come out but what if something gets missed? I’d rather see it done in pieces so ppl will read them.

      • It Takes a brave Human Being to disclose the ultimate motives of a dark and sinister group – however he chooses to do it. There are many who still believe ASSANGE is a traitor – Think of the Children …..

      • scott i have to agree with your comment, there is greater impact if i read the emails one by one to absorb the real impact of it all, like the words operating a child traffcing out of the white house this is a true shock to me call me naive, but never in my life did i expect this, from our president, from our leaders. i have been following all i read and doing my own research i had no doubt hillary was invovled, but did not expect to find out obama is deep in it all, no wonder he is fighting president trump so hard trying to get rid of him omg i see the whole story now

    • Perhaps he’s NOT trying to overwhelm us with all the facts. Just as he did, when he destroyed Hillary’s campaign chances. There may be many people who are innocent, who could be destroyed by too much information released… collateral damages. He actually almost had them, when Anthony Weiner’s laptop was exposed, and started the whole ‘Pizzagate’ investigation. However, nothing came of it. He wants to destroy Barack Obama and his ‘shadow government’, as well as see the Clintons destroyed and in prison.

    • Karen I can understand what you are saying. However unfortunately the American public has a very short attention span. To leak everything all at once makes it “one big story”, within a week.. there will be some false flag to divert the public’s attention, and it will be forgotten about/swept under the rug.

      I believe one of the main reasons that WikiLeaks releases information like this is to keep the story at the top of the list. Similar to why TV networks don’t like releasing entire seasons of shows. By doing it weekly, they keep everyone coming back over and over, retaining their attention.

    • So true! Desensitized is the word I believe you are looking for. And yes, it WOULD be better to get it ALL out there (if they could).Not sure what Asange’s strategy is. Is he slowly introducing us to it to allow it time to sink in. Maybe he thinks it will be dismissed as lies or fabrication if he drops it all at once. Also maybe he is gauging public reaction. Not sure. Maybe hes waiting to see if those named Hill and O’Bum will will try to spin it and say those words were code for sometging else. Give them a cgance to lie, THEN drop the 2nd bomb which will confirm what we all suspect to be true. That way you get a two-fer. If they remain totallt silent…that aint good either. Lets us run wild with speculation. Of course if it IS true, like the one lady above mentioned, you don’t want valuable key witnesses to get bumped off under mysterious conditions.

      • OMG you’re all such idiots! The writer clearly says all of this is FAKE! It is truly scary how ignorant you people are!

    • I think there must be a process for restoring the lost emails that must be pretty complex and time consuming perhaps. Assange is a true patriot and must be doing the best he can people!

    • A common practice for attorneys to delay an investigation is to over produce documentation. When asked for information they include it in mountains of other materials to make it take longer to go through every item. When this happens some key bits of information are sometimes over looked.

    • Absolutely. Put ALL OF IT out there on the table at once, inundate everyone with the truth. It’s easier to mount a campaign of distraction when it’s put out little by little.

    • Y’all don’t know this is a fake website that a guy started to post crazy articles and see how many dumb ppl would believe them? Smdh seriously y’all, get your shit together, you’re humiliating yourselves.

    • You do understand that this is a fake news site, right? If was created to see how gullible people would be, believing fake stories with no sources so long as the stories confirmed their own biases.

      If you were quick to believe this report, you should perhaps take stock of your biases and learn to check sources in future. Peace.

  2. Mr Assange can leak any way he likes.. He is undoubtedly one of the bravest men walking the planet today..The World [except for the corrupt] Owes him beyond imagination..

      • **OF IMPORTANCE**
        The leaks are **true**; however, Assange did NOT “form” Wiki and has no power over when they are leaked. Julian Assange is the “human symbol” for Wikileaks. Wikileaks is a Rothschild-controlled group; pick the two possible intel agencies; either Mossad or MI5, MI6 or MI7. He is in LONDON, the Corporation of London to be exact.
        He is in the Queen of Evil, Lizzy Lizard and Rothschild LAIR.
        It’s clear they are playing blackmail against Killary (and BO) and that’s fine with me. Their motive?? Get Trump selected? Trump more popular? Who knows.

        But he is no more “hiding out” in that embassy than Trotsky was “underground here in fear of his life and deport”. No, he was living in luxury under the auspices of the Rockefeller’s in NY.

        A one-armed sniper with no spotter could have picked him off. I’m **glad** the leaks are starting again and SLOWLY. 1.) When they dry up, he is expendable. 2;) His chances of living increase. And it WILL be public. They need a MARTYR; a faux one, but we lost the last three decent, honorable ones within five years; 3.) EXTREME DANGER: Why was that old hack, Jesse Jackson, up the ont that balcony with him?? Why? Jesse Jackson was outed this past year as being the FED NARC who RATTED OUT MLK and led him to the unplanned Lorrain Motel.

        Assange is mind-controlled. He was “bred” into him an SRA splinter cell of MK-ULTRA in Australia called “The Family”. It was NOT a relagious cult in any way. All kids’ hair was bleached blond/white like “Children of the Corn”. Martin Bryant, the Port Arthur, Tasmania, Australia school children killer was bred in this same cell. A definite Manchurian Candidate and all Australians had their guns confiscated. The perpetrator was named Anne Hamilton-Byrne (and her male partner). They were both caught.

        I don’t even know what Julian Assange’s voice sounds like and certainly know the leaks are legit. He just has a “big deep state” shadow behind him pulling the strings as to WHICH emails or WHAT emails.

        Julian Assange involved with a Rothschild family member Bailed out by R. Family sister-in-law. Used to break only non-Roth. bank in Sweden. Article is from 2012..

        Julian Assange and (Martin Bryant) — probably not their real names — were bred and raised in an MK-ULTRA/Project Monarch SRA splinter cell in Australia

        This is the ONE video I could find on YT. I hope someone is brave enough to watch it as it is mainly from the article I posted. The narration gives me the creeps. BUT when I first watched it; before Trump was selected; I *know* there were NOT screen shots of Trump and then Trey Gowdy on it. (I stopped at Gowdy as I didn’t want to hear the video again). I had just been checking to see if the link was still working.

        If all you can do is knee-jerk back with the staid, pedantic “Haters gotta hate”? I shall give you this rejoinder; “Doubters gotta doubt”. At least I have done some research (with the hyperlinks as well).

        P.S. Why didn’t you also well-known names of Ben Affleck, but especially Nancy Pelosi? Well first she has connections of ownership into her own Goat’s Head pizza place. The FBI informant from 4Chan did come back and said Sessions was a must (now done). Eastern indictments were NY, DC and VA. Western indictments would be Marin County, Napa Valley, LA area, Palm Springs and hopefully Hollywood. About 300 finished and about 400 3/4 finished. Names leaked (they said on purpose to shake canaries to sing). It is always initials with code words meaning affirmative (No I am not IN this group). Names given were: Charles Ellis Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, Dianne Feinstein, Barney Frank, Richard Blumenthal, John McCain, Lindsey Graham. All what I call LIZARD LIFERS.
        **I don’t believe this will ever happen, except may be one offending fall guy like Epsten**

        • Martha Hanley. What you say is important. If J Assange was a part of Monarch, PaperClip etc, then he would be the best whistleblower. Do you know people who have been under the program? I do and most who actually live through it, are whistleblowers, (rip Max Spears) So, I am open enough to engage the proposal that you say he is a handler via the Rothchilds. I will need to get proof on that because that could be another black ops program to deceive. The Rothchilds would not be taking down the Peds of Washington, and in fact would supporting Clinton rather than Trump as if you are aware of what has happened the Rothchilds do not have hold over Russia. This is certainly a worthy conversation and I would like to check it out. Thanks.

    • I must be blond and just a white observer from SA, how in heavens name does pizza &hotdogs refer to peadophyle ring operating out of WH, And what makes Julian Assange such a moral/crediable man digging into peoples private lives, what is he hiding? My experience is attack before you get attacked!!! Wow I never believed Americans could be so naive but this!!!!

  3. Mr Assange can leak any way he likes.. He is undoubtedly one of the bravest men walking the planet today..The World [except for the corrupt] Owes him beyond imagination..

  4. Huma Abedin; Ovomit, Podesta, Dipshit Pelosi and B. Affleck?? Ben FREAKING Affleck?? If this is legit, this needs to go HUGE – not one page at a time. Come on now…

  5. It’s over for them but PIZZAGATE goes VERY deep it WILL Rock the world I also believe killary has kuro disease from eating body parts the symptoms are there she is very close to destination of hell where she belongs

  6. Listen every Sen that is planning to have Trump taken out of office and every one of them like McCain. who lied to all the people about Trump and Pizzagate need to be recalled immediatly. It is time for us all to stand if they try to impeach him saying he is crazy. We can not sit by anymore as we will lose this nation to these pedos trying to hide their guilt.

  7. This is old news yes we’ve all been hearing about it and all I can say now that it’s coming to light is. It’s a very sad day and I’m very disturbed by this and everything I’ve found on this and everyone in the ties of the elite and Illuminati . This is huge and with them all involved it may bring down the government completely ! What happens then ? I know it has to happen and I guess we will see. One thing though it all needs to happen all at once no trickle as stated before. Trickle laves window for preparing defense.. Very concerned about Assange and everyone’s safety including ours

      • Did you read that entire page and watch all the videos and follow the links? Ray is 100% on point here. Assange is almost certainly in custody or dead. There is no way he and Hannity sat down in the same room for that interview. It didn’t happen. More than anything else, this exposes Hannity and Fox News for what they are and who they are aligned with.


    If all of this was to come out as it should – we could see the collapse of western civilisation – as governments would fall – exposure of all kinds of prominent Political – Religious – Financial – Royal – Celebrity figures that ‘are’ the ESTABLISHMENT as we know it – would fuel the already enraged masses to storm their parliaments and all else that are the establishment – its revelations would be devastating – making it look likely that the villainous powers that be will not sit idly by and do nothing. Ominous events are ahead in a world that is already so divided and ready to go to war over a hundred and one different reasons.

    It looks like some major global event is in the pipeline by the perverts of power.

  9. Really immoral people on both sides,pizzagate is going to open a big can of worms.The ones who don’t make it to prison will have been long dead when this is through.

  10. It’s disgraceful and it’s hard to believe but apparently there is some truth to this. there is mounting evidence like the symbols used universally that have been seen in these Pizza Gate and the fact some have tried to change them claiming they didn’t know and the art work on the walls is very disturbing. the universally used code words used by pedophilia rings is being used in these emails reportedly sent by some pretty powerful names in Washington. We need to prove the emails are indeed from those WikiLeaks claims they came from.

  11. This is taking much too long… Obama is setting up a 3 million march against Trump on the list of May, people are getting paid and trained right now by the hundreds with the hundreds of millions he stole from Ameircan people… Pence is acting weird in Europe talking contrary to what Trump said etc. etc. Trump is being set up for impeachment and Pence wants his place… If Obama, Clintons, Soros re not arrested now and their funds frozen there’s going to be a revolution in May. Trump spends all his time defending against attacks, during this time they get rid of his cabinet and keep organizing. Clinton and Obama should have been indicted with treason and running a pedophelia ring the first week he was in office. He has to start to attack.

  12. i am fine with the publishing of the above email but i am NOT fine with drawing the conclusions this article draws. i despised hilliary clinton and i did not like mr. obama. however, there are similar allegations floating around the internet about trump right now and i don’t like that either. the claims in this article are serious and by their nature incredibly insulting to the targeted person. these kind of allegations should NOT be published unless there is substantial evidence supporting the allegation. “extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.”

  13. This one really is too good to be true. Somebody is not in Kansas anymore. I don’t believe for one minute that all of these people are engaged in human trafficking of children for sex. If they were they would not be in a Pizza Joint doing it. What were the Secret Service doing while their boss was selling children?

  14. Nothing ever gets done. No indictments, no investigations. Just everything swept under rug and an endless melee of media slander to provoke zombies. The collusion in our fovt may be too deep and the swanp may be oberwhelmingly merkey. The corruption was many years in the making with trillions of dollars and high profile lives at stake

  15. I have heard bits and pieces of this dirt going around for a while now but I absolutely believe it because Hillary is a gay person and she goes to that pedophilia Island with all of her friends and with Bill Clinton her husband and it’s not hard for me to believe this stuff about bathhouse Barry IE Barry Santoro is Barack Hussein Obama and I’m saying I think if this thing happens in May as was mentioned above and they impeach or try to impeach Trump I say there has to be it Revolution because because we by no means can allow the Democrats to be in power again they are evil and they advicate the destruction of America and this is not Who We Are America is not a country of progressives or communist or socialist or New World Order we are country built on Christianity and a republic so when they start their dirt again toward Trump I say we better Lock and Load and hit the streets this is a sad thing to say and to even think but we have to save America and we have to protect how are young children from these people and I do believe they are running a sex ring of little children and Trump needs to indict Hillary and Obama and any of the rest of those people that are remotely involved and as far as Ben Affleck goes I saw him speaking with some other senators and it’s a meeting and he was clearly trying to protect children and human trafficking that’s all I know but I’m shocked at the things I’m reading above and if this is true we cannot stand idly by and allow this to continue out of our White House just saying

    • And why is religion always quoted in any scandal what if one lives an honourable life but dont believe in any form of religion be it christianity judaism or any other does that make you a bad person??? I dont think so

  16. A statewide California operation to combat human trafficking culminated in the arrest of 474 people, and the rescue of 28 sexually exploited …AT LAST,SOME ACTION, NO WONDER HOLLYWOODS GOING ON STRIKE. THERE’LL BE NO ONE LEFT lololo
    Google 474 arrested in california. Funny MSM didn’t report it.

  17. Trump cannot and will not take action because HE IS PART OF IT. Epstein has enough on him to take him down. Too bad. You were all duped.

  18. What happened to the promise of the death penalty and quick trials? Be great to export cases for trial in USA. Like people getting divorces in UK for preferential terms to women. Should sell ticket and televise, could make more money than football & Formula One with celebrity executioners.

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  21. This is clearly a hoax. There was no child trafficking circle in the white house. You people will believe anything

  22. Did ANY of you read the disclaimer at the bottom of this very page???
    “Underground News Report is a news and political satire web publication, which may or may not use real names, often in semi-real or mostly fictitious ways. All news articles contained within are fiction, and presumably fake news. Any resemblance to the truth is purely coincidental, except for all references to politicians and/or celebrities, in which case they are based on real people, but still based almost entirely in fiction. is not meant for individuals under the age of 18.”

  23. Why is Abedin’s name spelled with a space in the header? It’s one thing to spell someone’s name incorrectly as a typo in the body, but having a space in her name in the “To” section of the email looks suspicious as to the veracity of the image presented.

    Is Podesta a cannibalistic pedo? It sure looks like it to me and others. Which is why real Wikileaks documents are what we need, not fake ones.


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