BREAKING: Satire Makes Fools of Gullible Trump Supporters


Since I started this website last week, we have had:
– More than 1,000,000 visitors to our site
– Thousands of comments on our stories
– Hundreds of thousands of Likes and Shares on Facebook
– And a very small handful of people questioning the legitimacy of our stories, despite a disclaimer at the bottom of the page stating that our stories are not based in reality. Although, one would think the ridiculousness of the stories would not necessitate a disclaimer.

Some people even made youtube videos about the stories (original video was deleted):

So whether you are angry about Obama’s pedophile ring that he ran out of the White House, or Whoopi’s statements about US military widows, calm down… and grow up; neither ever happened.

When I started this site, I had no idea that the stories would garner this much attention. While writing them, I was aiming for stories that no one would believe, but rather would be satirical in an age where disinformation is so prevalent.
Just for fun, I decided to post some of the stories in Trump fan groups on Facebook to see the reactions.

To my surprise, the Trump masses embraced my stories as fact, almost universally. It seemed that there wasn’t anything I could write that was too wild or outrageous to be believed by this particular audience.

If I wrote about CNN being fake news and connected to ISIS, readers would agree wholeheartedly with my fabricated article. If I wrote about a black liberal or Obama supposedly saying something controversial, the response was unbridled racism and hatred. When I wrote about Hillary Clinton’s new emails that proved she was a child sacrificing maniac, people screamed for her head.

I was startled that in today’s world, so many could be so willfully ignorant. It’s truly a frightening time when a group of people screaming, “FAKE NEWS!” at the top of their lungs, live, eat and sleep falsehoods.

I, however, cannot claim that I did not enjoy my week of deception. There was something artful about the whole process. Even writing this now, I feel like one of the Buddhist monks who spend months or years creating a sand mandala only to wipe it up and destroy it upon completion. However, I find it morally necessary to clean up this mess, for a society that loses the ability to distinguish fact from fiction is a society vulnerable to anything.

Here’s a list of some of our more popular and outrageous stories over the week. Please take the time to read through some of the comments as they are both frightening and hilarious:







Former White House Aide: Obama “Is a Gay Man”

And Many More!

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  1. Funny, I did’t fall for your FAKE STORIES, but FYI…Obama IS gay…there are TWO dead people that testified to it…so…you are proud of yourself for spreading FAKE news, huh? POS rag.

  2. Damn, Trump people got owned pretty bad here. They probably won’t accept it though and keep finding ways to justify their beliefs.

    • OMG, LOL, I am in hysterics at some of the comments. You can’t make this stuff up…. Oh, Wait.. Yes you can! What is sad is that many people will continue to spew these articles as fact. Even though it says “Fake” they want it to be real. In their head… that is apparently wrapped in tinfoil… it is real.

    • This is not just about Trump, though he’s the biggest and worst. This garbage has gone on since the Carter era. Email was the chosen media for 5-font-size 6-color OUTRAGE for years, and the most ridiculous garbage imaginable was spread far and wide by the gullible sheeple. Now the biggest offenders just love comment sections (and the White House press room and Twitter).

    • The funniest thing here is that this demonstrates why they are so up in arms about “fake news”. It’s a new concept for these imbeciles and think they’re teaching us intelligent people anything when they tell us not to blindly believe the MSM.

  3. People shouldn’t be able to just write whatever they want. President Trump should establish a committee to approve anything that goes through the media

    • Umh, you can’t censor what people say or write. However, I believed the story about Whoopi. She is a horrible person and I would not be surprised by anything that comes out of her obnoxious mouth.

    • If you people believed this, you absolutely deserve it, congratulations to the author of this website, shows how dumb the Trump idiots are. You people are so damn stupid it’s laughable and that’s what the author is doing laughing at your dumb ass. You idiots are Trumps little morons, hope you feel so proud of yourselves. Once he has completely screwed the country it will be you to blame, you incompetent morons.

    • Wait a minute Sharon!

      “People shouldn’t be able to just write whatever they want. President Trump should establish a committee to approve anything that goes through the media”

      You want Trump, a person who spreads false truths ever time he opens is mouth, to oversee what goes through the media. The media is one of the only places you will get the complete truth. Here is how you do that; first, any news site that starts off by shouting hatred or blame is not really a news outlet. You stop listening to those type of people and then you are 90% closure to understanding the truth.

      • “People shouldn’t be able to just write whatever they want. President Trump should establish a committee to approve anything that goes through the media”

        Hey! Yeah, they could call it “The Ministry of Truth” what a stellar idea! I’m certain no no one’s ever conceived of such a thing, let’s start a petition!

    • Is that “some people” including you? Honey if you are so stupid you believed these articles, then you should go slap your elementary school teachers for failing you terribly. Then sell your computer.

    • Trollin’, trollin’, trollin’…

      At least, I hope to all gods great and small, that that’s what you’re doing.

  4. It’s sad that you have nothing better to do with your time. To think that you have this much time on your hands to publish fake news stories is pathetic. Sick, really. Get a life.

    • Maybe if you weren’t such a Goddamned moron, Teresa Jones, you would not have your ass tied up in knots from getting owned by the author of this site. How about getting a real education; One that teaches you critical thinking skills so that you do not get sucked in by cesspools like Breitbart, Faux News, and Infowars. You and you alone are to blame for being a stupid enough to believe any of the articles posted here. Stupid ass bitch.

      Oh and thanks to dipshits like you who voted for Dump, and repeatedly vote for the Rethuglican party, the rest of us have to suffer your idiocy. You people need your asses beat to a fucking pulp. This country will finally be free when your lot finally takes a dirt nap.

    • Considering its the number one threat to not only our country, but the world, this was a worthwhile endevor, this is a disease that’s spreading and leaves is vulnerable to manipulation that could do serious damage to humanity as a whole, this is about more than your petty tabloid addiction, this is about the survival of humanity.

    • How does it feel knowing you’re a worthless piece of trash to stupid to figure out how to think for themselves? Dumbass rednecks like yourself make Americans look like morons

    • Seriously? I thought it was a well thought-out social experiment that proved exactly what is wrong with Trump supporters. You’re all so damned stupid and conditioned to believe anything that validates your sociopathy that you actually believed this obvious joke site.

    • IT’S A RESEARCH STUDY, GENIUS. Wow, the stupidity with you is endless, isn’t it? Y’all were being studied like lab rats. And you failed the maze.

    • “….Sick, really. Get a life.”

      You DO understand how the internet works, right?
      Web traffic IE page hits, or in the context of social media; followers, likes & re-shares == $$$$ – lots and lots of it, it’s entirely possible to make $10/week with a propaganda page (skewed in either direction) on Facebook alone, nevermind a stand alone site. Over a million unique page hits from gullible morons like you, and the rest of us who just come for the lulz, translates into a pretty decent income.
      I’d say they already HAVE “a life”…..

    • Perhaps. But all the completely (i.e. have a disclaimer on the bottom saying FAKE) fake websites I’ve seen are aimed at conservative audiences.

    • Not even close, Blanca. Just like a dumb ass Dump voter to try to deflect the heat off of them by blaming someone else. I have never seen any left wingers as stupid as right wingers. There is absolutely no comparison whatsoever between the two.

    • yea, i hear that sort of stupidity a lot in trump comment sections.
      the ol’ kindergarten tactic, ‘i know you are but what am i’.

    • I’d love to see this done in reverse. Extreme, unbelievable left-leaning propaganda put out in a site similar to this. Maybe the special breed who ate this crap up will start to understand that they’re the only ones who believe the unbelievable, and all those “watch out for fake news” comments and stories were directed at them, and for good reason.

      • Apparently the people who ran the Macedonian fake news farms tried this shit with Bernie supporters but found that they were way too hard to fool, needing sources for all claims.
        Quote: “Bernie Sanders supporters are among the smartest people I’ve seen,” he says. “They don’t believe anything. The post must have proof for them to believe it.”


        • I opened the link that Chadrew shared, I clicked CTRL-F and typed in “Bernie.”. This is the quote in CONTEXT:


          (For a week in July, he experimented with fake news extolling Bernie Sanders. “Bernie Sanders supporters are among the smartest people I’ve seen,” he says. “They don’t believe anything. The post must have proof for them to believe it.”)


          PS: I supported Sanders.

      • 1) They did. Liberals realized it was satire, Einstein. It’s called the Onion. 2) Liberals made THIS site. YOU are the lab rat.

      • I doubt it would work. Remember the story that Trump allegedly raped a 13 year old girl years ago? That was always viewed as highly dubious by the the left. Sure, some people believed it, but a majority were skeptical even when news broke that the victim was going to come forward in a press conference weeks before the election.

    • You literally see nothing like this is left wing media, this is straight up religious absurdity, people eating children, worshipping the devil, the left is not nearly as off the tracks as this, sure they are all about racism and Russia, but thoelse are sound, Dane assumptions.compated to what the right has bought into, it’s sheer madness.

    • because trump and his lot are a dangerous kind of ignorant that tend to shout down logic and actual reality.
      the fact of the matter is that trump and his team, and all of his lobotomized supporters, peddle doublespeak and trot out lie and lie after lie, all w/ a special kind of shameless ironic hypocrisy.
      i suggest you take a look in the mirror and decide whether you want to continue being apart of the relentless buffoonery.

  5. As people of the left eat up fake ass stories put out there by the left media, their own side, so that sir takes a special kind of stupid and fuck you for putting crap out there like you do. I will spread the news that this is a foul lying POS news source. And by the way, I dont watch the View but I still think Whoopi is a POS!

    • Projection – when caught and/or embarrassed, accuse others of what you are doing. The preferred method of the far-right, and 5 year old children.

      “NO, YOU!”

      Very simple.

    • The thing is… no fake left story can have as big a negative impact as a fake right story. So what is the left gonna do with fake stories, turn everyone vegan? Call someone a meanie? Give me a break.

      • Research has shown that liberals tend to try to debunk stories that are obviously untrue and don’t fall for fake news nearly as much. Conservatives pass them on, add to them, and make them worse.

    • Fake right stories however, are going to result in depriving people of health care, make poor people poorer, shoot down regulation that are meant to protect the public, things like that.

    • you see Susan, in the real world we back up our claims with facts. Real, verifiable sources are our means of drawing a strong conclusion. Would you be so kind as to point out a single fake story that the left-leaning populous believe en masse, that supports your claim? Just one would do, but if you can’t, it might be time to adjust that fucked up world view of yours.

    • I’m reading this in New Zealand and even from this distance you are sounding totally ridiculous. I read your comment out to my friends and we all laughed and laughed and laughed!

      I probably need to get some friend who are not children.

      There are people here who support Trump, but very few that I have met are in any way well-educated although I totally expect that in the USA they are some of the sharpest knives in the block.

      We love your Cultural Imperialism and all the American values it has conferred. Free markets! Wars for oil!
      Racism! Pollution! Yay – God Bless Precedent Trump!

      Good luck with your life!

    • LOL, sure. You believed this crap because you are a hateful troll. By fake news on the left, I assume you are referring to things you dont like about Trump. Well honey, they arent fake. You are literally a cancer on our country. My guess is you learned nothing and still think Obama isnt American.

  6. It is quite a clever, though damaging, ploy. Check out all the ads on each page… Money money money off the sad sick assholes that read and believe these stories as fact. Trouble is as Ms Puggly demonstrated is that they will continue to believe it even when faced with a confession that it is fake.. How sad is that for our society?

    • “Check out all the ads on each page…”

      Where? Oh honey, you’re on the wrong site, this site has no ads.

      We’re really rewarded with the incredible stupidity that is proven to be on the right. Nothing monetary.

      • To be fair, that’s unusual, there are a lot of people cashing in “bigly” on the fake news trend, though, to his credit, he may not be one of them, that being the case, is the exception, not the rule.

  7. OK, you never got a day where a REAL fact were more bizarre than your stuff? I live in a place where an girl that planned and killed her own parents get temporary freedom for the Mother’s Day holiday. It’s make up, it’s the truth. Don’t believe? Google “Suzane von Richtofen”.

    Many people in many places around the world see many absurd facts every day. Some even more bizarre than your writers could imagine.

    What you can’t imagine doesn’t exist? Rethink that. Reality can be more twisted than any writer imagination. People imagine that your make up is truth – because that’s possible.

    • So you think that story is more crazy than Obama running a pedo ring out of the white house? If so we don’t share a common view of reality.

    • How is that Mother’s Day story anywhere near as unbelievable as the Obama pedophile ring story? Are you really dumb enough to try and compare the two? You Dump voters are holding this country back with your unadulterated stupidity. No wonder the rest of the world thinks the US is full of a bunch of backwards rednecks with the likes of you wasting oxygen on this earth.

  8. Aren’t you making your news part of the problem? I do not believe a thing I read or hear anymore unti I check it out on Google or another reliable source. But I am in the minority’s. Whether it is being lazy or naive about the story or source, many believe what they hear or read. It nay be a better idea to print the truth so those who are not inclined to seek the real truth would be better informed. Spreading fake news only makes the entire situation worst. Just a thought.

    • Yes I understand your argument and of course I thought of this before I did the whole thing. I just don’t think my week long contribution to the ocean of fake news out there was that destructive that it outweighs the insight this type of experiment can provide. I’m glad that you do your research but don’t you find it surprising that so many people would read a story like “Obama ran Pedophile Ring Out of White House” and just assume it’s true?

      • What makes you think that it was all Trump supporters that responded to your FAKE news? I never even saw these things until my daughter shared the Whoopi thing and it would not surprise me that she, Whoopi, would say such a thing she is a walking POS and about as unAmerican as they come.

        • I didn’t say it was all Trump supporters, but i did spread the news in Trump groups on facebook which seems like by far the easiest medium for ridiculous stories because they have the most simple minded people

        • Another shining example of a dumbass Dump voter. What the fuck is Agent Orange going to put the person who authored this site in jail for? For proving that his base is full of inbred, backwoods morons like yourself? Stupid ass bitch.

        • Not that he could but not before we put Trumps lying, cheating, unethical, fake news spreading, Russian influenced, hypocrite, hateful rhetoric, Country destroying ass out of office. I give him two years before he hangs himself enough that even the dumb ass morons who put him in office are wanting him out too.

    • The problem is that even when you publish the truth, this special kind of stupid people still don’t believe it. Their beliefs > Reality. The source of the problem is that they have too much confidence in their ignorance. So if you want to be effective, you have to shoot down that confidence first, which is what the author of this site attempted to do.

  9. annnnd you accomplished what? nothing productive for sure…. waisted time you could have been a real journalist… you shoud be proud… all i have to say…👍🏻

    • yes exactly and since I am the subject of this illicit downloaded video that is mine and they used without my consent, they have a problem. This video has exposed the players in the pedophile ring, and has many people upset including this lunitic, but to commit a federal crime of unlawfully downloading my video should make people know how far they will go to try to deflect from this crime ring and the millions of children that have been abused, taken, raped, or murdered.

    • You would be a great candidate for a brain transplant for buying this shit. now you’ll have to go back to listening to the other fake news, FOX News.

    • Left wing lies result in people asking for better protection and conditions.

      Right wing lies result in people losing their health care, their salary, their conditions, their jobs, their homes, their environment, their well being because of that dumbass belief in unregulated free market capitalism and trickle down economics. And it also results in idiots cheering for all of those losses as part of that ideology, like it’s a goddamn cult.

      You can go eff yourself 🙂

    • Sooooo, just a heads up for all the nut jobs like Charlie KC here. When we “crazy liberals” are confronted with something that is proven to be wrong, even if it goes against our world-views, we take in the information, learn from it, and adjust our world-view. We legitimately learn from interactions in order to get a better understanding of how the world works. You may be insulted and want to lash out at anyone calling you an idiot, but it might be time to start learning instead. If you even attempted to corroborate your stories with legitimate sources, or if you took some sense of ownership of the fact that you can’t distinguish fantasy from reality, and that that’s a really concerning fact, you might get more sympathy and guidance than derision.

  10. It doesn’t occur to the duped that perhaps a 100 year old newspaper like the New York Times or the Washington Post may have strict policies of fact-checking that are based on widely held principles of journalism? They don’t realize that there are ways to verify claims? That these trusted publications print corrections if proven incorrect?

    Making up stuff is nothing new — we studied Hearst’s “yellow journalism” is American History class. But that’s why those who opposed it created standards.

    Investigative journalists and war correspondents seek out the truth sometimes at great risk; pretending that quality journalism does not exist disrespects them.

    Your experiment shows how ignorant some people can be. We need good journalism, even if the Emperor insists his New Clothes are Terrific…because he has nothing on. Well done.

  11. Ya I’ve already seen a lot of these stories proven correct so I don’t know if you work for the CIA or what but I can tell you are lying.

  12. I’m afraid Whoopi has brought this upon herself, along with the rest of the deadbeat hatemongers on the Left. Maybe, just maybe, if they changed their tone, tenor, and hyperbole on the View and other sites, this sort of false reporting could be rejected outright. President Trump displayed a more human and balanced side last week. The Left should consider the same approach. It just may benefit their cause.

    • Dude, it’s all FAKE! None of it is true! Whoopi NEVER SAID ANY SUCH THING! Get over yourself! You got conned again and can’t admit so in true Trump supporter fashion you DEFLECT BLAME. You are as gullible as they come…Sad really!

    • “President Trump displayed a more human and balanced side last week.” Now we know you’re totally full of shit.

  13. You are an imbecile, with a low IQ
    Who contributes nothing but trash
    To society! You are obviously twisted
    to require mental masterbstion such
    as this waste of time, but you are obviously
    Getting your rocks off on fooling people
    who, are simply looking for reliable news!
    This is pointless, and you a worthless

  14. How old are you? Because even a 10 year old would know planting false stories about people is wrong -especially knowing full well they’ll spread like wildfire on the net. Maybe somebody needs to sue you for slander & defamation of character in order for you to learn to behave like a civilized human being. If you get your kicks this way I suggest you put your talent (if you can call it that) to use as a scriptwriter for SNL, the Daily Show or Steven Colbert where they deal in fake news, at least they’re upfront w/their audience that it is in jest.

    • The entire purpose of this site flew right over your tin-foil hatted head. Congratulate yourself for being yet another stupid, imbecilic, simple minded Dump supporter, with absolutely no critical thinking skills whatsoever.

    • It’s not the author’s fault that you were too stupid to see where it said it was satire at the bottom of EVERY ARTICLE, or too gullible and lazy to do 10 seconds of fact checking on Google. Go back to calling Obama a Kenyan and a Muslim and a homosexual and whatever else while crying about people smearing your poor oppressed president.

  15. The corporation I work at has a an anti cyber crime education campaign that actively tries to trick employees as a way to educate them. If they open an attachment they shouldn’t or click a link they shouldn’t it will either tell them, hey, this was fake and this is how you should have been able to tell or they will get an email explaining the same. Some of the bait has gotten very difficult to spot, but the campaign is working. We even have a button in Outlook so if we suspect something is fishy we can report the email and we’ll get a little pop-up confirmation that yes, the bait was part of the campaign and a little pat on the back for recognizing it.

    It might be kind of interesting to keep a site like this going that tries to do something similar. Maybe when the user tried to make a comment they could be alerted that hey, this was actually a satirical fake news article and here’s how you should have been able to spot it. Maybe let the comment stand so it looks like there is real activity going on, but only let a source IP comment once and then ban it from ever commenting again.

    I used to be frustrated with some of the more “realistic” satire sites, but I no longer am. There’s so much intentional fake news the only solution is for consumers to become a lot more educated. Satire sites could be a way to get through to some of these consumers who are so addicted to conspiracy they will literally believe anything. Hating Obama, Hillary, and the left has become a drug and they are constantly so desperate for a hit they literally believe ANYTHING. In fact, the more outrageous the claim, the more they seem to believe!

    It’s beginning to happen more on the left as well. I have noticed on twitter as people have become more hysterical about Trump they are more likely to believe questionable sources and jump to conclusions and the number of highly misleading LW sites is increasing. The MSM itself is doing it to a lesser, but sometimes significant degree. I find myself getting wound up and edgy if Trump hasn’t done something outrageous for more than half a day and I will read twitter compulsively waiting for the next leak or embarrassing tweet. I’m starting to settle down and get under control, because this hysteria is not good for anyone. We’re all making mistakes and having lapses in judgement that any reasonable adult should be able to keep in check.

    Anyway, just a thought. I think satire and Fake News writers might be some of the very best people to try to interactively educate news consumers on how to spot fake news, especially fake news the reader wishes was true. It might even be entertaining!

  16. If they clicked one of the buttons to share an article on social media, it could automatically append a header or footer to the post that said something like “OOPS! I fell for a fake news article and here’s how I should have been able to tell. I promise to be more responsible with articles I share in the future! Sorry!” Of course they can delete the post, but even a moment of internet embarrassment would likely make a person think twice in the future.

    I just know we have to do something and while my kids are now getting lessons in school about how to spot unreliable information on the internet, the problem right now is the millions of adults who don’t know the rules of good journalism and how to discern good information from questionable information and everything in between.

    When hundreds of automated fake news sites spam social media in such a way that even seasoned journalists and reputable news outlets are falling for it, well we have to do something. All it takes is for a viral story to be shared by thousands of bots in the early morning, from hundreds of different fake sites only leveraged for 2-3 stories, which are then initially spread paid Russians masquerading as Americans, which are then picked up by actual Americans and shared thousands to millions of times over, until such a fever pitch is reached one of the MSM outlets finally succumbs to the pressure and reports it. This opens the floodgates for the rest of the outlets to follow suit, because they can blame any retraction on the outlet that reported it first. We’ve seen the MSM embarrassed several times now as the charge of Fake News is leveled at them. Sometimes this happens even before the last outlet publishes the original story. Seasoned journalists are then quickly branded as purveyors of Fake News for taking some very sophisticated bait and Trumper’s bias of the MSM as the evil “liberal media” is confirmed. But you know what the difference is between real journalists and fake journalists? Real journalists will always print a correction or retraction, admitting their mistake and they will try doubly hard the next day not to fall for it.

    If anyone is interested in who’s funding all of this and how they’re doing it, the Guardian has published an excellent deep dive. Like the Koch dark money, the Mercer dark money is every bit as convoluted and you have to wade through a lot of boring information, before you get to the juicy bits, but they are worth it. We are in the middle of a an information war that I think few of us really understand or want to admit.

    It’s a long article, but it’s worth it.

    Teaser: One of the things that concerns Howard most is the hundreds of thousands of “sleeper” bots they’ve found. Twitter accounts that have tweeted only once or twice and are now sitting quietly waiting for a trigger: some sort of crisis where they will rise up and come together to drown out all other sources of information.

    Like zombies?

    “Like zombies.”

    • Down with Twitter and Facebook. We taught our children to avoid anti-social media like the devil. All that stuff is is gossip and fake news.

      Read politifact. Factcheck is okay.

  17. UNDERGROUND NEWS REPORT…Why do this while SO MUCH fake news is being thrown around by those trying to un-elect President Trump? You are fooling a lot of anti-Trump people as well as pro-Trump people…Do you get pleasure from causing hate and hysteria over false statements? Thanks, at least, for pointing out on your “article” pages that stories are not true, and for taking extra step to link the story about Whoopi G. with a longer explanation..Sadly, very few people will click that link or check at bottom of page..Too few of us search for confirmation of a story before sharing it..

  18. Congratulations!

    Found your site via, my favourite” debunker”, and have to confess I really enjoyed your “constipation theories”.
    As a European whhas visited the USA around thirty times for business and pleasure I’m still amzed at some Americans – though I have very nice friends and family there.
    I’m sure I wll quote some of your “alternative facts” to my friends for a good laugh – thanks again!

    Keep up the good work!

  19. Hmmm. I wager that if you did the exact same thing, picking on the idiot liberals, you would get as much or MORE believers, willing to swallow ANY bullshit story you print attacking Trump, George Bush, Rush Limbaugh or Sarah Palin.

    • You’d be wrong. There is fake news on the left side as well. I wouldn’t deny that. But there really is no comparison to the level of absurdity and percentage of people who swallow it.

    • It has pretty much been proven that liberals tend to debunk fake stories while conservatives believe them and spread them, all the time telling themselves how bright they are.

  20. Dude, you are an evil genius, but one in a time when people are easily mislead. What I am finding, how that there is wide attention paid to the fact that this story was a hoax, is that people ARE STILL CLINGING TO IT. They see the hoax as more credible than the media outlets clarifying it is a hoax. You can send them to the primary source documents. “Show me a video of Obama signing the pardon and this guy’s name not being on it. Otherwise, I won’t believe it.”

    Please, PLEASE, be as vocal as you can in pointing out how seriously people can take these things. There might be a teachable moment here, but it must be exploited. Representatives of the media would love to talk to someone and shine a spotlight on this phenomenon. Would be a great opportunity to get your site out there as well.

    • Thanks for the comment Chuck. I love the evil genius part, haha! Buzzfeed’s Craig Silverman already did an article and I recently gave interviews to journalists from Politifact and ABC Washington. I haven’t been proactively searching for attention on this but I might send it to a couple of the alternative news youtube channels I like, like David Pakman and Secular Talk.

  21. I am quite impressed and just a little jealous of how you managed to upset SO MANY idiots all at once 🙂 You should apply as a writer to Comedy Central!

  22. sorry I haven’t really read many of your articles but I heard about what you did and I am curious did you consider placing any real news along with the fake to try to gain confidence? Because I have noticed that on a few websites on both sides, they have ridiculous things like so and so ate people, and then Apple phone released.

    • I did consider it thinking it might make the other stories more believable but ultimately found it unnecessary since people were swallowing everything I was writing anyways. I also wanted to stay true to the theme.

      • thank you for answering and I found this study very interesting, thank you for sharing this research! it would be interesting as others said have a liberal test group too, and with enough time and effort you probably could get a publishable paper or something along that lines, of course if you wanted it too, it would be a lot of work for little reward lol

  23. I think if you wanted to create a version of this “for liberals” it would have to focus on topics other than politics. Fake news about science, tech and health-related subjects has been a big problem among liberal leaning people on social media for a long time. It might actually be bipartisan, everybody loves snake oil.

    • How can something “other than politics” be bipartisan? You’re implying cons don’t like or read about science, tech and health-related subjects. I doubt that. Scientists and skeptics are part of ‘everybody’, yet I don’t believe they love snake oil.

  24. Hi thanks for your efforts on this website. Really had a good laugh. If only trump had personally picked up on it and twitted about it, that would have been absolute comedy gold.

  25. Shit like this is why I only get my news from The Onion, at least I can trust them because they’ve been around for years!

  26. I hope people who wrote in your site has no longer the possibility to erase what they posted. This must remain to let future seachers to study this phenomenon..! Great job indeed.

  27. It’s weird to see so many people telling this guy that he’s wasted his time and is a piece of shit for spreading Fake Mews, yet they almost certainly have never gone onto Breitbart to do the same EVEN THOUGH THAT WEBSITE ALSO DOES THIS REGULARLY.

  28. This was great. I never even heard of your site man. Props on showing just how easy it is to have people promote your bullshit when it fits their narrow worldview without wanting to research it. And yes, that does apply to both sides, however it has been shown repeatedly that rightwing sites have lied far more often when covering a story.

  29. The point of this website isn’t THAT people believe fake news. It is WHY people believe fake news. Everyone suffers from confirmation bias to some extent. But the segment of the population that focusses all of their emotional energy on deciding who to hate and who to hate most seems to be the most likely to fall for this sort of thing. And, sorry to have to say it, it mostly falls on the Right side of the political spectrum. We all have our prejudices, but the really venomous and knowledge-proof group seems to be the wing-nut Right. So, to me, the question is really, “Why do such people so fervently, ardently want to buy into hatred?” And it seems to mostly be hatred of things they don’t actually experience in their own lives. People who know no Muslims or African Americans hate Muslims and African Americans. People who know nothing about science or what is scientifically known or how it is known are convinced that evolution is wrong or climate change is a hoax. It is the Dunning Kruger Effect on a grand scale. Oh, and did you know that all those “windmills” don’t generate electricity at all? Nope, they’re giant fans that use up electricity. Where do you think wind comes from? Bwa ha ha ha ha ha…..

  30. Lesson of the day, question everything. Seek out sources, articles that don’t provide sources should be taken with a grain of salt. Articles that do provide sources should be looked at from every angle and verified by the reader, not just taken as fact because they agree with your worldview. Remember that EVERYONE has an agenda. Just question shit, a little critical thinking goes a long way in combating fake news. Don’t be manipulated!

  31. Two words for the website creators: GROW UP

    Libs are just foaming at the mouth since they lost the election.

    Face reality and realize most people want to live in TRUTH.


    • @SuperUser “Libs” are not “foaming at the mouth.” We’re too busy trying to make enough popcorn to snack on while we witness this ongoing, supreme shit show.

    • Most people want to live in the truth, but the TRUTH is that Trump voters fall for total BS in droves and don’t bother to see if something’s true or not if it comfortably fits their prejudices. A certain type of conservasheep is easily led by the nose and glad of it.

  32. But it says at the top of the header…REAL NEWS…. LMAO,,,,This is scary bus the very same morons “MORANS” that fall for this satire are on the roads driving cars

  33. Yeah – well maybe SOME of these stories are fake but all the other websites that post stories JUST LIKE YOURS are all TRUE. so you reaslly wasted you’re time here

  34. My sister-wife said the Obama Hussein is real real gay with Satan. When he was born in Kenya a witch doctor cursed him to hell fire furever. He is the wurst president in the history of the planet ever. Whenever anything goes wrong in the world it is all Obama Hussein’s fault because sweet baby Jesus is cursing him, but now America is great because we got a real crazy old white guy as our leader now and Jesus loves him. We’re going to be real great again. No more government and dirty media to slow down our FREEDOM!!

  35. Like a lot of people, I look to the internet for news ect, I did read it all and then followed the link at the bottom to here, This is hardly satire and is a slap in the face to new reporting, It’s sad you would think this funny as people want the truth, You are a huge part of the problem. Sad really, sounds like a lot of jilted liberals, Oh by the way, I’m not from your country so I dont really care, but really if you think this is good and well, then you are sick or have an agenda, I would assume by the replys here its an agenda.
    sad and pitiful!

    • Of course he has an agenda. To make idiots look like idiots. People like you that are too dumb to use your brains, check reliable sources, read *actual* news reports, and believe anything that confirms your pre-existing beliefs.

      The website is by definition satire, and it is a slap in the face only to the Trump supporters that so desperately latched on to every single story no matter how outrageously bullshit they were.

    • You shouldn’t need some disclaimer to show you these stories are completely false and borderline retarded. You just have to stop being stupid and remove the horse blinders of prejudicial ignorance.

  36. You are awesome. I have been thinking about doing this for some time but have not had the time, and I suck at grammar. I think it’s an amazing social experiment about just how many people do not check their information before they share it. I think it’s sad how many people blindly believe what they read on the internet. Kudos to you for pointing it out.

    • Thanks. I suck at grammar too if you couldn’t tell. I didn’t even revise or read the stories before I posted them. Didn’t matter, they got shares like crazy anyways.

  37. Gotta love it. Conservatives proven to be brain-dead, sharing obvious satire/fake news posts as if it were truth or gospel. Thanks for exposing them!

  38. Lol…

    See, here’s the deal. Alleged adults required the cancellation of college classes and tests and had to be given coloring books, Play Do and puppies to be able to cope with the outcome of a legally conducted election. And then expect people who have productive careers to provide the funds for them to continue to attend the classes and take the tests.

    Grown women marched in the streets dressed as female genitalia and somehow expected to be taken seriously when they argued that a proven abortion mill actually provides women’s health benefits.

    Dissidents protest against racism by burning minority businesses and communities to the ground.

    Americans were repeatedly given these stories with video documentation and you wonder why satire has lost its intended effect?

    • Ernie
      I notice you have not had any smug, self-satisfied comments from Liberals yet.

      Since the election result the whole MSM has seemed like satire.

      MSM anchors literally bursting into tears as the result sunk in.

      Headlines shouting about leaks from Government showing investigations into Russian contacts with Trump people. Only to say investigators have found nothing to backup claims – somewhere near the end of articles.

      The scoop about the tax return on MSNBC must have been embarrassing even for Liberals.

      Finally, the poor brainwashed SJWs at school and college. They really believe they are fighting fascism. They really believe the KKK are Republican. They really believe all white men are evil raping racists. They really believe the USA should leave its front door wide open for the invaders from the Religion Of Peace.

      Whats really unbelievable, many can vote!

      Are you Liberals confident that these young SJWs would not fall for a similar website, REALLY.

      I’m not.

  39. This could be called an excerpt from the history of fake news.

    Prologue from Ochrid
    Lives of the Saints and Homilies for Every Day in the Year
    Vol. 1, Feb. 27
    by Bp. Nikolai Velimirovich

    excerpt from the Homily, –on the power of Him who can raise the body.

    The Lord gave the Jews a sign, for they sought a sign from Him. And when He had given them a sign, such as none before Him had been able to give, they did not believe Him but, embarrassed and frightened, bribed the guards on Golgotha to agree to put out the lie that this wonderful sign had not happened but that the disciples had stolen Him from the tomb.
    No sigh is of help to those who will not believe. The Jews saw with their own eyes many of Christ’s miracles, but would not believe. They said, as proof of their unbelief, that it was by the power of the prince of darkness that He performed those miracles! He who will not believe in good will not be helped by any sign that heaven can give. A heart filled with evil is harder than granite. A mind darkened by sin cannot be enlightened by any heavenly light, though this light be brighter than a thousand suns.

  40. This isn’t funny… Do you not realize that there are many victims of the Clintons? Those innocent victims have been abused, raped, tortured, traumatized, and shamed. Some even claim to have been subjected to sexual ritual abuse. It is very likely that some victims were murdered and sacrificed. Your ‘satire’ is very real for those who have fallen prey to the predators and pedophiles among the political elite. We are in a spiritual battle of good God-fearing people versus evil satan-worshipping monsters. I’ll pray for your soul…

  41. I wonder who Autumn is praying to? Who is she praying for?

    The last I heard, it was the current occupant of the White House who is a self-confessed sexual predator. (Head scratch) His VP, the man with the convenient conscience, said that he had no problem with that so why does Autumn have a problem with the Clintons?

    Is certainly is not funny that many people believe the lies about the Clinton, and former Pres. Obama. In fact, it is disturbing that so many so-called Christians rush to believe and spread lies.

  42. I wonder who Autumn is praying to? Who is she praying for?

    The last I heard, it was the current occupant of the White House who is a self-confessed sexual predator. (Head scratch) His VP, the man with the convenient conscience, said that he had no problem with that so why does Autumn have a problem with the Clintons?

    Is certainly is not funny that many people believe the lies about the Clintons, and former Pres. Obama. In fact, it is disturbing that so many so-called Christians rush to believe and spread lies.

  43. So, The Truth, what’s it like to be the Dr. Frankenstein of the Interwebs now that your experiment is terrorizing the villagers? This is parts brilliant, idiotic, a pack of obvious lies and tellingly honest. How the hell did we get here, America? Much lulz to you and good luck with the lawsuit.

  44. People that support Trump still after all he has said and done have no moral compass (or they refuse to use the one we have) The so-called Gods people are nothing but a bunch of sanctimonious hypocrites.By chosing to take their stand,they have thrown Christ under the bus. How convenient it is for Trump conservatives (they are not really conservatives but some whack party created by conspiratorial nuts) to say that liberals are their opposition. What about all of those conservatives(of which i am one) that cant stand the person of Donald Trump. Trump people have no right to talk about the faults of other candidates when their president is obviously the most despicable of all time. The Hypocrisy of the Trump people blows my mind.
    P.S.- there’s big money to be made selling National Enquirer subscriptions to Trump followers.


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