Breitbart Publishes Story About ‘The Underground Report’, Gets Destroyed by Their Own Readers

Breitbart released a story on Saturday about our website ( that truly embodies journalistic hypocrisy; and even Breitbart readers were having none of it.
The article by Jerome Hudson was titled “Creator of Fake News Website to Donate Ad Revenue to Democrats”.
The author seems to imply that all of the ‘fake news’ articles done on ‘The Underground Report’ are done nihilistically and purely for our amusement and fun.

While it should come at no surprise that a Breitbart writer would lack any semblance of receptivity to greater ideas, he also conveniently left out the fact that we have satire disclaimers plastered on every page of the site.

While it is true that in an interview with ‘Politifact‘ I said that I plan on donating ad revenue earned from the site to the 2020 democratic nominee for president, even Breitbart readers found the hypocritical criticism lame at best.
The top comments on their facebook post of the story read:

Another reader points out the hypocricy of Brietbart’s story:

This story among many other questionable works of journalism begs the question: Is Breitbart making a run at satire themselves?



  1. Well, Breitifart was never one of my favorite fake news sites. Oops, forgive the typo, I can’t spell the name correctly. 🙂 In fact, I’ve never read it. I like fake news like BBC, NY Times, CNN, Reuters, AP. Upton Sinclair complained about AP for suppressing news and spreading fake news.

    I must send this to all my friends who need a good laugh. This is the funniest story yet.

    Have you heard about the new third party? The red, white and blue party called Real America? We are going to take our country back from the Robber Barons and fake news people.

  2. Not totally. I knew before I ever came to your website what it was – an experiment.

    The editor of our local newspaper, a member of the lying dishonest press, according to the White House, suggested that since the red party and the blue party have become so extreme, they have left a huge gap in the middle. Shh, make sure no one hears this, this is a four letter word. The people who are left out of the red party and the blue party are (moderates). No, I didn’t say that. Please don’t drop a bomb on me or come after me with a machine gun.

    He asked for people to suggest a name for a new party for these forgotten, abandoned people. I have suggested The Real America Party — the party that will take our country back from the Robber Barons and extremists. The party of the sane. The colors will be red, white and blue. Yes, it is a nice castle in the air. But we need something nice right now. A lot of people are tired of the atmosphere of hatred, lies, mistrust, of seeking the bogeyman under the bed.

    We need Truth, Beauty, Love. We need to care about each other, not about money. We need to turn back to God, the Master and Creator of the Universe, and ‘trust not in princes, in sons of men, in whom there is no salvation.’

    ‘The earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof.’

  3. You should keep publishing the articles man, you’ve got a real flair for this. Just don’t get poor Whoopi shot, lol.

  4. I live in the outskirts of hell…Livingston parish, Lousyana. Home of the KKK, White Citizens’ Caucus <– did I spell that correctly? The lone Demoncrap in this hellhole.
    I will be on this Pit of Sin website for as long as it's here.
    On vacation I was stuck in sisters' car…had to listen to Fox News all day and on the tv at night. Now I'm on anti anxiety meds and my blood pressure is in the stratosphere.
    I put a Hillary for President sticker on my car. Poor car was keyed and spray painted with "N' word lover. I'm STILL driving it all around this doofus parish.

  5. I link your stories at least a dozen times a day on twitter. It makes me laugh every time. I know I’m puerile and juvenile, but the Obama Bunker story is comedy gold. Or maybe it’s just me. Thank you!

  6. Dear Linda,
    I live in a red county in red state, in a red country. Today I saw a car with a bumper sticker, Bernie 2016. Funny, I never saw Bernie bumper stickers before now.
    Hang in there.
    In this neck of the woods, ‘moderate’ is a deadly insult. We don’t have many Democrats. You need:
    Read Patrick Martin columns if you love sarcasm. Look for his column about how to get on board the Trump train and become a ‘true believer’. It is a great antidote to Foxy News.

  7. If Cheeto man wants to “drain the swamp”, he should start with the White House and his minions in Congress. I took a lotta shit for that remark. Maybe he could come down here, to the Ninth Circle of Hell… He would be worshiped and adored.
    ‘S all good; I’ve been reviled better by worse.
    On the bright side, I’ve taught my dog to howl when Trump’s name is mentioned.

  8. Wow this was a real story! but don’t you think you may have cherry picked the comments a little to say it was destroyed by the readers?


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