Eric Holder: “Obama Is Ready to Roll” “He’s Coming Back”


“He’s ready to roll. He’s coming back”, Holder said late Tuesday.

Many have feared this moment as chatter of Obama’s plan for a coup is seemingly coming to fruition.

The former president has made several moves since leaving office in an attempt to gain an increasing amount of power and has established what many are calling a ‘shadow government’.

Holder’s remarks can be construed as a sort of warning shot before the battle begins. A way of telling those who might band together with them that the time to attack is now.

Now more than ever it is important that Americans remain vigilant and make sure that our democracy is not undermined. If Obama is allowed to seize power here it would shatter the foundations that this great nation was built on.




  1. Why isn’t Obama being prosecuted? Is he above the law? How can he be allowed to sabotage the new administrations efforts when we ALL already know what his intentions are. He is trying to destroy America from within using our political correctness against us. Put him out of business.

  2. That would make Holder an Accessory. I have not heard this from infowars or any other real american news site that is conservative. I would love to believe this because Trump needs something to shut down Obama and Hilary Clinton. I have heard reports that Bill Clinton did antagonism against Pres Bush.
    I would love for this to Happen because it seams that Pres Obama stuck his finger at Congress for 8yrs; and Now he is sticking his finger up at American people. I know there is evidence on Michele about stealing approx $10 billion that she charged to tax payers. Pres Trump sent Michele a bill to return all she charged.
    There is plenty of Treasonous, embezzelment, and murder on Obama. Get his other conspirators and that includes U.N. Troops Pardons to Murder and any possible Cuban Invasion.

  3. We’ve got Sarah Palin! She’s locked and loaded and ready to rumble! Just like after the 2008 election. No worries here!

  4. Good grief. Some people really will believe anything they read. This is a SPOOF NEWS site. Sort of like The Onion? Sigh. Realizing that people actually believe this type of story sadly clarifies how that pompous idiot got any votes.

  5. Lol this cracks me up to listen to the trump puppets comment like it’s so true. You guys really do need to learn to know what’s true and what’s not true. CNN is true regardless of what trump says. Trump lies to you all. I’m so sorry but you all are about to see how he lies to you when you’re with the rest of us and have no insurance. Especially if you have a preexisting condition. And he made sure all the rich people get a tax cut. He has lied to you all.

  6. Sources in the Conspiracy-Pseudoscience category “may” publish unverifiable information that is “not always” supported by evidence. These sources “may” be […]

  7. I wonder if perhaps we should administer sanity tests to everyone before they are allowed to vote. I see a great deal of insani-TEA from the right wing nuts and the swamp monsters in Washington. As someone locally said, “How can he drain the swamp when he is importing alligators to fill it?”
    I thought about writing to Comrade Blunt and recommending that he get on with draining the swamp but he is one of the long time alligators in Congress. [head shake]


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