FBI: Clinton Investigation – Joe Biden Will Give Deposition Tomorrow


Following an interview where former Vice President Joe Biden said he would “testify if necessary” against fellow democrat Hillary Clinton, the FBI has released an official statement saying that Biden is scheduled to give a deposition tomorrow afternoon.

An FBI probe into Clinton’s involvement in a Washington DC pedophile ring has sparked new controversy, with the FBI saying that they have already gathered “significant incriminating evidence”.

Clinton has not commented since the investigation has been reopened.



  1. Creepy Uncle Joe, a pedo himself, will never fully divulge everything. See what happens to anyone who testifies? They all mysteriously die. I don’t see him ratting her out, he is just as guilty, as well as the rest of them. Not unless the deal is so sweet to push ALL of them under the bus. I don’t see it happening, not with that skeeve! Maybe someone with morals that is somehow trapped by the group, wanted out but feared for their life?

  2. You do all realize that this is a satirical website, right? 100% of the stories are fiction, or I guess “alternative facts” for you Trump supporters hahaha


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