Former White House Aide: Obama “Is a Gay Man”


“What I´m trying to tell you is, and people don´t know this, but Barack is a peter puffer, you know what I´m sayin´? He’s a gay man.”

Those are the words of former white house aide Reggie Love.

Love served as the special assistant and personal aide, commonly referred to as body man for taking care of the president’s needs, to former US President Barack Obama.

“He tried to touch me once. Yes sir, grabbed me between the legs one time. I pushed his hand away and said ‘Why you do that?’

He laughed and said ‘I just want to know about the people I’m working with’.”

Love says that he details more in his coming memoirs about his time in the administration.



    • @Barbie, you do realize this is a satirical website meant to punk Trump supporters and their embracing of fake news don’t you? Sad, girl, sad. Get a brain!

  1. Everybody knows that! I’m surprised this guy didn’t come out with the rest of the news: that “Michelle” is really “Michael”…another fact we already know.

    • Its amazing how some people have eyes in other peoples bedrooms..susan smith…your saying things you have no idea does..your rant is childish and made up..fake if you want..its the dribbling of an ignorant wowser..grow up..weve had enough of made up stuff.posing as fact..

      • You grow up.. nothing false about what Susan said. Muslims need not integrate into Christian society.. Christian beliefs are to be dealt with by death according to the Koran.. do not be blinded by false statements perpetuated by Muslim’s, the Koran tells them to lie to the infidels to gain false trust.. Beware..

    • Thats because they have an age limit on homosexuality believe it or not. They believe if its a child its ok to rape him, just so long as its not a man and your the one giving. Theres many Documentaries on YT about this and a man who used to be a Sharia law judge who goes by the name Christian Prince now tells all the dirt on that filthy Satanic RaLEgion. Satan’s army of Revelation. Sick ignorant twisted RaLegion that is Ugh SMH..

      • You idiot, this is a friggin’ deliberate fake news website to demonstrate how Trump supporters are so rabid in their hatred of Obama and Hillary, that they heartily embrace any bogus story about them; in fact, the more bogus the story, the more people such as yourself embrace it. Stop drinking the Kool-Aid and retain your one remaining brain cell.

  2. This type of comment is not properly right. Don’t be anti-gay. Obama was not a good president but to talk about his sexual orientation is hatred.

  3. What is funny is the MUSLIMS hate homosexuals. ‘o”bama is QUEERER than a three dollar bill, and everyone knows it. He is a MUSLIM, yet the MUSLIMS would throw him off a building if they got the chance.Just google Ruel Emanuel-o’bama-chicago BATH houses to see for yourself. This is common knowledge in Chicago gay community. Semper Fi

  4. Barry Soetoro, Barrack Obama , is definitely gay. If you refuse to believe this go to David Mannings Web site and watch, as he interviews Mia Marie Pope , who knew Barry, as a foreign aid student from Kenya. He came there with his Grand Parents to live in Hawaii in his teens. His whole life is a farce and made up lies. Mia said he was a pathological liar and was not into girls at all. He hung around Gay Ray for drugs as he was a cocaine user. He entertained business men for money to buy his drugs. See this for yourself and he also used a false Birth Certificate and Social Security Number. This has been proven! Michelle is a man and hides this fact. His name is Michael Robinson and on numerous occasions Barry or Barrack slipped and said , me and Michael . Michelle or Michael uses a false S.S. number also belonging to a Guadalupe Megndenez. There are none so blind who refuse to see the truth. Believe it or not.

    • And their kids came from a twisted science experiment that was conducted by a secret lab in Switzerland. The Swiss hate America, so they were glad to help put a gay couple in the White House. The best part is that somehow all these blind people in this country can’t even tell what happened. It was a gay couple the whole time with computer-programmed clone babies.

  5. Hey you all realize this is a fake news site right? The creator of this site admitted this was all an experiment to see how many fools would fall for this. You Dumbasses.

  6. Yep, this and most the other stories are all outrageously fake, as an experiment to show just how gullible and ignorant Trump supporters are. They “think” Obama was a bad president because they were told lies that he was, and they just believed them without checking any of the facts.

    Fox News and Brightbart count on people to be this fear based and foolish to stay in business. And it worked, they scared enough fools to put a lunatic into office.


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