A shocking development Monday morning, as sources within the CIA and Department of Homeland Security say they now have conclusive evidence that former President, Barack Hussein Obama, sold US intelligence and military secrets to incumbent North Korean leader, Kim Jong Un.

CIA director, Mike Pompeo commented, “It’s an ongoing investigation and I’ll need to hold back further comment until an indictment is issued”.

When asked if an indictment is like at this point, Pomeo responded, “I don’t want to give too much information but we can say at this point multiple indictments are a virtual certainty”.

With Pompeo’s statements, although limited in content, one must assume that president Obama’s best days are likely behind him.



  1. Why is Obama not in jail. Are they giving him time to fly to Dubai? He still has all the Secrets United States and no one seems concerned that he will share them. Maybe this is why his children are so rich. Maybe he has funneled money from North Korea into his children’s names. Something needs to be done immediately. He needs to be taken into custody for the sake of the United States.

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