Just 94 days ago, James G. Winters of Gainesville, FL was pardoned from a life sentence by former President Barack Obama.

Yesterday Winters was arrested for the murder of his girlfriend, Joanna Walker.

Walker was reported missing by family early last week. Her body was discovered on Sunday, in the trunk of an abandoned 1998 Toyato Corrola in an Orlando Publix parking lot.

Though the tags were removed the car was traced by to Winters and Officers made the subsequent arrest, booking Winters on one count of first degree murder.

During his presidency, Obama granted pardons or clemency to an unprecedented 1,927 criminals.

James Winters was serving a life sentence for drug trafficking and weapons charges.

*** UPDATE- Anyone who believes this story or any other story on this website needs to read this post ***



  1. Any person who went to prison for harming a white person or a Christian is exactly what Obama considers his kind of people. Obama the anti-Christ hates all white people, Christians, Americans, and western culture. He has never ever lifted a finger to help anyone who fits into these groups. NOT EVER! The only exception might be Bowe Bergdahl, who hated America, Christians, God, and western culture. The fact that he was anti-American endeared him to Obama, who traded five top Alqaida leaders for evil Bowe Bergdahl. Yes, you got that right. . . . . Obama is the anti-Christ!

    • 100 % agree with you Dottie. I said it from the time he was running his mouth in the first campaign. Got a feeling, didn’t like him, and boy was I right. Now the US has to try to heal itself from the evil that was trust upon this nation with him in the white house. He wanted the islamification of the US, and Hillary was just going to be a pawn to continue with his agenda. By the Grace of God Almighty, he heard the many prayers and request to fight this evil regime…..we might just have a chance now.

        • This article is fake…this never happened. You should fact check before seeing a pic of someone’s face, and assuming they would do what this article portrayed.

    • Stop listening to the Trump and Republican Kool Aid. Pres Obama is a Christian, but you want to believe that is a Muslim and an enemy. His mother was white, so he is part white himself and how about the fact that Joe Biden and he are best friends besides being VP and Pres. You have your facts all wrong. You’ve been brainwashed by the Republican propaganda. The Obama administration is the true friend of the American people while you have the Republicans and this Fake President filling the swamp with billionaires that just want to enrich themselves and destroy all the good aspects that make up America. When you find the environment, air, land, water, animals destroyed please remember who you voted for and are supporting and realize how you’ve been flamboozled by the lies that you’ve been fed! Sure the stock market it UP – wow, those corporations are celebrating that regulations that protect workers and workers hours, wages, benefits can save them more $$$ and now they can rape the environment as protective regulations along with the EPA are being destroyed. WAKE UP!

      • You must be very young and naive not to see Obama for what he is… He tried his best to push Islam down the throats of America .. Read his books and learn a little something about the socialist individual and who his mentors were … you need enlightened .

      • And you are full of shit. Apparently you are one of those disgruntled, disrespectful Sheeple
        that didn’t get enough koolaid. Well your freebee’s are over sucka.
        You are not informed, you are clueless, in fact your beyond reproach.
        Go rant someplace where stupids hang out. They’ll support your bull shit…..not sensible thinking, Americans.

      • Thank you!!! But you will never get Trump supporters to see how things really are. They’ll just keep drinking that kool-aid.

        • LOL, I have to laugh at the Liberals and how they have taken on “The Kool-Aid” line as theirs… Wow! Talk about asleep! Good morning people, the free fall is over. To make America Great again, you must love to WORK again.

      • No Christian would say we are not a Christian Nation, like Obama said. Obama said during an interview, ” My Muslim Faith”, and was corrected… No Christian accidently says, ” My Muslim Faith”. Read Obama’s books. Read about his mentor, a communist. Obama did not appoint Christian’s in his administration, he appointed MUSLIMS. Obama did not bring Christian refugees over from the Middle East, he brought MUSLIMS! Christian’s would reach out to the CHRISTIAN REFUGEES, who are being KILLED just because they are Christians. You know a Christian by their fruits. Please explain why ” Christian ” Obama didn’t go to Church?

        • You are, of course, absolutely correct. But the Godless, God hating, Progressive, One Worlders are 100% insane and will never see the truth. They are blind guides who will lead any followers to hell where they belong.

      • Obama is the enemy of the people . He personally divided this country. He and his 95% black staff. just a bunch of black supremacists ruining & running the country into the ground. Never in my lifetime have I seen such a hateful president. I’m thrilled he’s gone and I pray to God that we’ve seen the last of him. He’s not a Christian, he hates Christians and it was obvious in who he was allowing in as refugees. MUSLIMS, when it was not only them that were getting slaughtered, Christian genocide was what is really going on.. . My opinion has ZERO to do with Trump.. but I’ll be damned if I ever vote democrat ever again!

      • You are on the money! How do these gaslighted trump lovers not have enough common sense to see that trump is the real evil, rubbing his little hands together to get a chunk of the 500 billion in oil with Putin. Idiots…theyre really messed up in their judgement.

        • Look at facts. Saying that Obama is anti-American is far more believable than not. Do any research at all, and you will see the truth for what it is. Obama & his cohort Valerie Jarrett are very evil people and determined to destroy America & the civilized society. Valerie Jarrett is from a Muslim Brotherhood family, and Obama was recorded as saying, “Should the political winds shift, I will stand with the Muslims.” They’re still at it, it is they who are behind Black Lives Matters, the airport protests, violence in the cities (just look at their home town, Chicago) and the lies about Russia. There’s a reason he moved just 2 blocks from the White House, they’ve only begun their deeds as a shadow government. All financed by the minions of George Soros, who himself has said “America must be destroyed to make way for the New World Order.” Any of you liberals who disagree with anything I just wrote needs to simply look up the facts I just posted. If you actually believe Obama did America any good at all, then you are completely and thoroughly a “USEFUL IDIOT.” Look up that term, too. OBAMA STUDIED UNDER MARXIST PROFESSORS, THEY WERE HIS FAVORITE. HELLO??????

        • It is quite clear that Trump and his administration are up to things that they do not want the American people to know. Does that make you comfortable? It’s kinda like fast-food: appealing to some people, will fill you up, and it will keep you alive…but nobody ACTUALLY knows what’s in a McDonald’s meat patty, and probably don’t care cuz it tastes good…but the president YOU voted for, is going to keep you fat and happy long enough to pursue his own agenda. And you are a fool to think that lunatic has our best interests in mind. Ours, meaning EVERYONE in this country, not just Trump supporters.

          And just FYI, this article is not true, it’s satire. Click the link at the bottom of the article that says
          , *** UPDATE- Anyone who believes this story or any other story on this website needs to read this post ***


      • Wow you are a complete idiot, if you refuse to see the obvious things that he has done, to ruin this country, then you absolutely deserve to go be with the Muslim people. Who, by the way, have one goal in mind, and that is to destroy everything and everyone that is not Islam. Try doing some actual research.

      • would you rather have homless people running the country since they did so much in there own only makes sense that if you have monitary troubles that hire people that know what to do in these situations.but then that would make sense.and right now people are not thinking with there heads. they are just listening to the left that put us in this situation.

      • When people say things like this, they only show their ignorance. Islam, like Judaism, unlike Christianity follows decent. They follow patrilineal decent, Judaism follows matrilineal decent. In other words, if an Islamic man sires a child, according to Islam, that child is a Muslim. Barack Obama Sr. was a Muslim because his father had converted. That makes BHO a Muslim, period!

        Whether or if he was an apostate from birth is irrelevant.

      • Check Nancy Pelosi ‘s bank account and see what a billionaire she is. Look at Chuck Shumer’s fortune. The people Trump has put in his cabinet made their money honestly. One should not get rich as a Senator or congressman. But tell that to Harry Reid who just couldn’t give up that sweet deal he had. Now he has retired with billions!

      • You are the dilusional one… you need to be updated on the real news about OBAMMA and today’s release story on Biden & his weird ass family.. OBAMMA is in FACT a Muslim and his birth certificate is fake.. research the news February 23, on the judicial watch findings and the sherif apraxia investigation. It’s report is in review with congress now.. don’t be naive.

      • Obama’s army hiding in Washington DC area to cause a civil war arise on stupidity of Jewish Muslims beliefs Obama is not Christian he a fake as his white mother was so call fact’s mother faked the birth papers in Hawaii escape her father of KC Missouri a KKK leadership he was Obama’s real mother is black Kenya native escaped Warlord Kenya father on a plane to Hawaii she die of birth compaction

      • Jerzeygirl, Drug TRAFFICKING (selling drugs to your babies) and WEAPONS CHARGES, (using weapons in the act of selling drugs to your babies). but no, he wasn’t harming anyone. Sorry, a majority of the people Obama pardoned had weapons charges against them, as well-they were NOT harmless marijuana smokers, sitting in their basements toking a doobie and eating twinkies, they were people out selling hard drugs to school children. You, madam, are a nitwit.

        • Hahaha, ukelelemike

          You people are so gullable?! Do your research and fact check these articles, especially these short ones…it’s fake, the author even claims it, it’s completely satire haha

          Just goes to show how easily impressionable you people are, open your damn minds and think for your damn selves…it’s disgusting…

      • It’s too bad either you or one of your loved ones, you know your wife or girlfriend weren’t the victim of this gentleman. Your sanctimonious drivel would be changed for sure.

      • Hey read the fine print below these comments this is a FaKE NEWS SITE, you’re all idiots for believing this story to begin with

    • You are on the money! How do these gaslighted trump lovers not have enough common sense to see that trump is the real evil, rubbing his little hands together to get a chunk of the 500 billion in oil with Putin. Idiots…theyre really messed up in their judgement.

    • I’m starting to believe the Pope is the anti-Christ. Have you heard the crap he’s been spewing lately? Obama was the preparer, Beezelbub

    • What are u paranoid n wierd . Too much time on your hands lady, go do something positive to improve your outlook. You sound uneducated, like most peeps on this feed. You just cant get your education off the Internet.

    • Jack off…trump is the biggest pos that has ever planted his old pink ass in the oval office. Idiots who support that braggart , liar, russian co conspirator should be hanged by his orange balls for TREASON! And you say OBAMA? Youre a special kind o stupid!

      • Jerzeygirl Obama was/is a traitor to tis country and what we stand for. How well did he defend and uphold the Constitution during his take over? The borders were really well defended weren’t they? Check the stats on the people (I use the word loosely) he pardoned and what they have done since being released. I believe this makes the 4th or 5th murder that can be laid directlt at Obama’s feet. But you are correct in one aspect, Hanging should be brought back for any and all traitors.

  2. I’ve been researching and Obama knew that he had a violent criminal history and pardoned him anyways. Thanks Obama…

    • Please, tell us more Wallace Dunn, about how you have researched and confirmed Obama knew Winters was dangerous.

      Considering that there is no Winters and this is an admitted fake news site designed to expose the fact that Trump supporters don’t check the credibility of their sources before spreading lies.

  3. If Pres Obama pardoned him and he is guilty of the murder, then I’m sure he regrets his decision. But while you are about placing blame then you also have to consider 45s decision for the raid that got the Navy Seal killed — as much as he wants to blame the generals and also Obama — but as President he made the decision and although they try to spin it that they got all this information — in truth, nothing substantial was found. Pres. Obama did NOT authorize this action as it was questionable — 45 Okayed it, thinking that he would be applauded and praised if it was successful. He wasn’t even in the situation room when the action was being performed, Pres. Obama and Hillary Clinton were both in the war room during the Osama Bin Laden takeout.

    • Obama pardoned many hardened criminals that were violent and with firearm crimes. Those people were not supposed to be pardoned, but he did it and u think he’s going to feel regret. Please, he could shoot someoneh himself and u’d find excuses for his behavior.

      Obama took full credit for bin ladin when he had very LITTLE to do with it. He wasn’t trained, he didn’t find him, he didn’t do anything but give the order.. AS IF, they weren’t going to kill him without an order lol Get real, The CIA Analyst that found him worked on this for a decade. Obama takes full credit lol Seals hated him for that, I can’t blame them.

    • Hahahah what?! This whole site is satire…none of these articles are true, quit perpetuating the ignorance in our country, open your mind, think for yourself…check the link DIRECTLY underneath the last sentence of the article, please…

  4. What does it take to prove that he is the biggest racist that has brought our nation down to our knees !! Everyone should look hard at who he pardoned ! A low number of whites and those that were are all strong liberals with political influence! He is a viper in the grass !! We have had some bad presidents but I truly believe that there will never be another as bad as obama ! Everyone should give Trrump a chance as we all did for obama ! Why devide us further let’s see if we can unite as one. If he does a bad job vote someone else in.

  5. Shouldn’t Obama be held partially responsible for this crime then? Charged as an accomplice/accesory to 1st degree murder? If this man had never been pardoned, then this poor woman would still be alive.

  6. Obama needs to be charged for the crime this individual committed for irresponsibly pardoning him. Obama has behaved like those who trash hotel rooms or race rental cars to the ground because they simply can! He left a big bad mess for Trump to clean up, hoping that Trump’s attention will be devoted to these infractions and his promises to America would fall short. Naaah! Surprise! He is kicking ass and taking names and you liberals hate him for that. We have never had a more focused hard working President as we do with Pres. Trump. Suck it up Liberals. Obama does not stack up next to Pres. Trump. Not even close! Face it. You don’t know Didley squat my dear. You have a third grade education right? Well, Pres. Trump’s new educational program can truly help you get a better education. Take advantage of it dear! You sound very uneducated!

  7. Why is it that whenever someone makes an unfavorable comment about the most recent former president those who are his admirers feel compelled to slam, criticize and generally put down that person. It would seem they are the only ones with the right to “judge”. And here we have another reason to be proud of the former president. Wonder how the family of the young lady who paid the consequences for one of his “magnanimous ” exiting actions feel. It’s doubtful they feel as generous . I agree with John. Unite as Americans. America won’t survive as a nation much less a great nation if we continue to allow this divisiveness to not only continue but to grow. God bless America and ALL Americans.

  8. Obama was the WORST PRESIDENT IN THE HISTORY OF AMERICA. HE PARDONED MURDERS DRIG TRAFFICKING CRIMINAL’S HE HAS SPLIT THE COUNTRY IN HALF.Hurt the blacks more than any other president in history. And believe it or not there are people that worship his Muslim ways. Tell me how many lebtards will cry now let’s hear it snowflake’s.

  9. Let me just ask you this then if you are so pro Obama: who would you prefer to have in your employ? A person who spends $1billion of your money in personal vacations or someone who says I do not want a salary for this position?

  10. If Trump wants money so bad then why isnt he accepting the Presidential salary? Stop and just think about this. What you are saying doesnt make sense. If he so money hungry he would have accepted the Presidents salary!

    • Because it’s an insignificant amount of money compared to what he will make with his backroom deals. He’s making more per week booking his entire security service detail in his hotels than a whole years salary. He did it because low information voters like yourself will point to it and say “See. He really is for the people”

      • The Truth. You need to change your name because you don’t tell the truth. He is no longer running his business. There were a lot of low information voters then because he won the electoral votes and the popular votes. Explain that. Contrary to your comment, the people were highly informed that they were sick and tired of the selfish democrats who thought only of themselves and cared nothing about the people. That is why the republicans won by the largest landslide ever.

  11. Some very striking examples of liberal lunacy on this post. TRUMP has been busy saving this great nation of ours from all of you nutcases and he deserves much praise and support for his efforts. Crawl back into your worm holes!

  12. My favorite part of all of this is the update by the author that goes to his other “breaking news” story that trump supporters are easily manipulated fools that LOVE fake news. The comment section here just proves it. Lol. We need to deport these rabid retards.

  13. Omg! As I read through these comments I don’t know if I wish to cry or possibly myself laughing. I am so sorry that many of you are so gullible and do not realize that you were FED FAKE NEWS DELIBERATELY?
    Please, Please, wake the hell up and STOP following anything and anyone so blindly! It is okay to educate yourselves on subjects, it is okay to be open minded to the possibility that you are not just being gaslighted by the new administration, you were just DELIBERATELY mind fucked and made to look like fools. Really? Is that okay with everyone? It shouldn’t be! I woukd be pissed and want to do better would be pissed and want to do better. This is about weighing actual facts and it is okay to have an opinion formulated on your own. No one is perfect, but please heed the warnings that you really need to get your heads out of the sand and back to reality. Yes, all politicians lie and do shady shit BUT those of us in mental health aren’t kidding you about TRUMP. I am asking you to please do better ! I get change is hard, I get it BUT when you walk around so gullible, it is frightening and it makes you an easy target to be victims. I wonder what the rest of your relationships are like ? Facts, people, facts!

  14. Liberal motto : You can fool all the people some of the time and some of the people all of the time and that’s pretty good odds !

  15. Pretty simple to scroll all the way down to the bottom of this page and see the disclaimer that this is a satire web publication.

  16. Wow. Breathing is a liberal conspiracy to make you a gay-transgender fem-nazi commie. If you don’t want to give in stop breathing and find God.

  17. you guys are stupid. all my class mates are laughing at all you stupid people thinking this shit is true. you need to look at all the stuff DJ has done already and has fucked up so many time. this is FAKEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!! DO YOU REALY THINK OBAMA WOULD BRING SOMEONE OUT OF JAIL TO HURT MORE PEOPLE.


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