Reminiscent of the late Malcolm X, former President Barack Obama took to twitter this morning with an ominous message:

The similarities between Malcolm X and Obama do not end there. Both are practicing Muslims and both advocate violent revolt.

It seems in light of recent news, Obama realized he is cornered and is willing to escalate conflict in an attempt to escape justice.

Get the word out and let Obama know that the people will not stand for this!



    • You are so FN stupid to believe! Indeed, Trump supporters are uneducated and un-intelligent! I laugh st your face! LOL!

    • How simple minded all you libtards are. I told you so but what am I boohoo our candidate lost and we are still crying. The best response we can come up with for everything is how uneducated Trump supporter are. So idk if this story is true or false because I havent researched it but let me guess you libtards would be ok with our ex-Muslim/racist president tweeting something like this?

      • Nobody is ok with any president (current or former) making such claims. I don’t care what your political views are, it’s very obvious this tweet is photoshopped. Well I guess not if you’re an opium addict.

  1. You have no power anymore, we the people have the power and you will be caught and will pay for your crimes against this country. Thank god we have a real leader now who respects his role as president. He’s done nothing wrong for you to try to get him to step down. You’re just afraid of all the crimes he will find and reveal to us the american people. Why won’t you just fade away, we won’t become Muslims.

  2. Yeah Obama is a very unstable man (used someone else’s birth certificate from the 1800’s). I don’t know what he has planned but I think we should all be aware and ready. I am thrilled with Trump and his cabinet. I do feel safer now. I don’t know what havoc he’s caused in other countries. I would consider him dangerous. He bombed a lot of people.

    • Obama and his fools don’t stand a chance against Trump. Trump has the military, the national guard, law enforcement cops, sheriffs, veterans militia and millions of patriots ready for him.

      • And those who can’t see Trump is as much of the cabal as Obama are completely blind and have fallen for the media lies concerning Trump…who by the way has a lot in common with Michele Obama or should I say Micheal and you can call Donald Donna. Wake up people.

  3. I interpret this as Assassination of President Trump. “By any necessary means”? Now if that is what he is covertly saying he needs brought in on charges. Obama is a radical, he fits in the crowd of Bill Ayers the bomber and his radical preacher Wright. I hope someone picks up on this and gets it to the appropriate people.

  4. if it’s not fake, which why would Barry incriminate himself, then it seems like it would take further investigation by the proper authorities for sedition ….. one would think.

  5. You can try it and watch what you start Obama. You traitors! You should be hanged as a traitor! By ANY means necessary!

  6. The issue now is – he is cornered, with tons of evidence against him, multiple instances of TREASON, and is likely to do ANYTHING, so this is the overwhelming real concern since he has nothing to lose and is looking at HARD TIME.

  7. Obama is surely delusional! He really believed he could have won a third term. He does not grasp the fact that he barely made it out of office without being impeached! Throw him in jail. Impeach him. That would bar him from any further public office . He’s just delusional!

  8. unfucking beleivable.
    I have a hard time believing he has the balls to say this on twitter. then again, he’s arrogant and delusional to do so.
    This guy needs to be in shackles, along with the clintons, podesta, and all the collaborators on the traitors who tried to destroy and hijack this country to be sold out to the off shore globalist world agenda powers that be.

  9. Sedition & Insurrection.
    Since his suspected mom [their DNA may not match], Met with Malcolm X when she got pregnant some believe Malcolm X is his father [they met at a Fidel Castro event]; Others believe that the X rated relation with Frank Marshall Davis who helped raise him in Hawaii, led to him being his father; and some believe 0bama Sr. is his dad: Maybe His mom knows, most likely Berry X Davis has an idea, but may not know either.

  10. The invasion and infiltration of our government by Islam and foreign interests has never been so obvious. They see that Trump was elected to drain the swamp of the traitors, Islamic Trojan horse, Mexican invaders, and communists.

  11. So Obama is advocating the violent overthrow (by any means) of the government. Seems that is something called treason. Time for a hanging.

  12. I went to his Twitter to reply to this, but I couldn’t find it. Was it in reply to someone else’s tweet? If May one can find it please post a link.

    • You do realize that the military escalation during Obonobo’s “administration” had everything to do with his kosher handlers and nothing to do with the POTUS personally, don’t cha?
      Long as “WE” keep falling for the two-puppet smokescreen and ignore the (((real problem))) “OUR” problems will continue to fester. White genocide and NWO Talmudic world domination is an israhelli import and has little, or nothing, to do with any POTUS puppet policies.

  13. He is calling for overthrowing our Government.  His ass should be in jail right now.  Any other country would have already put him in jail for treason or worse.  Where in the hell is the nationwide outrage over the unprecedented actions of a former president calling for the over throw of this country’s president.  THIS IS TREASON.  He must be held accountable for this BS.

  14. he and Hillary and all the crooks we have been abused by, that were busy for 8 yrs ruining our country, abusing children, and stealing our money belong in jail now!!! because they are still trying to save their necks by lying about Trump hoping to sway those stupid enough to listen to their lies to get rid of him well it is not happening GOD is exposing them HE hates everything they stand for and ALL they have done!

  15. Oh how I hope this is true and is properly dealt with leagally. I always knew you were a “fucking asshole” Barry. But now a crazed sick fuck that is a pedophile? Wow we can only hope and pray for the death penalty you treasonist scumbag. Well, here’s to a well prosecuted case. May you never ever ever get the chance to do that sick shit ever again. You are a true waste of human life.

  16. 911TRUTH WILL DRAIN THE SWAMP. Obama is just a Jew toy boy (how far do you want me to jump) he’s been compromised by his acts ,and there’s many. Same with the Clintons (even more so)Who owns (runs) the MSM ,HOLLYWOOD ,CIA ,FBI ,FED AND IM AFRAID to say the armed forces, if not as a retired head of intelligence said = “If the people of America new what really happened on 911 Israel would not exist “

  17. His intentions was to put shariah law in for the muslims and be some king read the secret service book i don’t know why he isn’t arrested for treason and money laundering with the saudi’s

  18. One thing is clear. Trump had made America stupid again.

    Do people realise this website is a satire website to show how gullible Trump supporters are. Lol. Please keep inbreeding!

  19. these trump supporters will believe whatever $hit you feed them lmfao. this website is admittedly a FAKE site to see how many of you morons will believe whatever is placed in front of you. you blame Obama for all your problems but maybe you should start with your lack of education..

  20. I’m as Conservative as they get…but this looks like fake satire. As odious as Obama is, he’s not stupid. A Tweet like this would be open sedition and an attemptvat creating a coup. Obama is too smart to do something this dumb. Therefore, I call BS.

  21. PK, geniuses- everything on this website is FICTION. Scroll to the footer, it says that all news articles on this site are fiction. That means stuff that is totally made up and not true. The owner of the site admitted it in this article

    It’s an experiment to see how gullible Trumpkins are. You guys really are a bunch of rubes.


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