Trump: Illegal Immigrant Rapists Should Be Executed – Do You Agree?


Illegal immigrants poured into the US with unprecedented numbers under the Obama administration.

President Trump says the millions of illegal immigrant violent criminals, especially rapists should be executed rather than deported.

Do you agree?

Let us know your thoughts



  1. If Trump truly wants it then I stand behind him. It’s not a bad idea on many levels and it sends out a Clear Message: You Mess With US, You Get Messed With.

  2. No I dont agree..I think they should be castrated. you know… have their testicles cut off and shoved into their mouths. but only after a fair trial!!

    • I agree and was just about to make the same comment. An eye for an eye, in this case a vagina for a prick, and the guys who rape women are real pricks. Castration should really be the answer but to make things nice we should give them the gift of allowing them to have their pricks back in a nicely decorated jar filled with formaldehyde to be displayed on their mantel for all to see.

  3. Death!! The battle cry…give it to them. This is war we are in…not a skirmish…but war for our country, our world and our children. I will look my grandchildren in the face and say i fought for you. I did not sit silent while this was going on. I fought for you because i love you and all children and i want you to have a chance at a normal life without fear.

  4. All rapists and pedophiles should be castrated and/or tortured until death. The justice system is far too nice to child and adult sexual assaults. It’s not acceptable…

  5. The death penalty is surely warranted for illegal immigrant rapists. Jesus would surely support that. He’d pull the first trigger on the firing line, because He is our Savior, and saving us from illegal immigrant rapists is His way of loving us. I would only have pause if any of the illegal immigrant rapists were pregnant. Then it would have to written into law that any pregnant illegal immigrant rapists on death row could only be executed after giving full term birth to the baby. The baby is innocent. Even if the pregnant illegal immigrant rapist got impregnated by rape from an illegal immigrant rapist. Then the rapist father should be killed immediately, and the rapist mother would have a delay in being executed. Jesus would want it that way. Amen.

  6. I only believe in capital punishment for murder, but if rape is going to be a capital punishment the only way I would agree with this is that it’s also applies to female rapist and it applies to women who lie about rape.


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