Trump’s Immigration Policy Already Saving Lives


Just weeks within becoming president, Donald J. Trump and his policies are already saving American lives.

Juan Carlos Jimenez (pictured below) was apprehended in route to murder his ex girlfriend, Linda Walker, 28.

Jimenez was apprehended as part of Trump’s hunt to deport illegal immigrants. Upon his arrest it was discovered that Jimenez had a loaded 12 gauge shotgun in the front seat accompanied by a murder suicide note.

If it weren’t for the new president’s stern stance on immigration, there would have certainly been a murder that day. Countless other lives are bound to be saved from the deportation of illegal aliens.

Jimenez has been officially charged with attempted murder and being held at the Jackson County Jail with no bond. If convicted he faces up to 25 years in prison and deportation after his sentence.

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  1. PizzaGate was always true, and the Clintons and Obama are satanic criminals that would kill anyone for any reasons. We are so thankful for Wikileaks and the truth, that it has exposed this, and saved the world, and children. The ring has to be taken down, and all of them arrested, no matter how high level, they used government to cover for their crimes.

  2. Underground News Report claims to be a satirical website but is really a hate mongering fascist supporting crap! It is not the onion. If it is meant to be satire, how come it so blatantly biased.


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