US Intel Report: Obama Working with the UN to Remove Trump


A new US Intel report leaked Tuesday shows that former President Barack Obama has been in secret communication with United Nations officials.

While transcripts are yet to be released the reports indicate that the UN and Obama are conspiring to have Trump removed from power. The report also suggests that Obama plans to retake his former position as head of state in the US, but in a more dictatorial form.

While rumors of a coup have been floating around for weeks, US intel officials say this is the first instance that they have hard evidence of Obama planning an overthrow with a foreign entity.

Intel officials say that there will be more important information on the topic when they officially release their report, and that in the mean time the American people need to stay vigilant and protect democracy.



  1. Barack Obama needs to back off. If he thinks he is going to regain his former position as president through a foreign entity, he’s got another thing coming. He had 8 years to do good deeds for us, but instead, he did everything he could do to destroy our way of life.

  2. Oh my GOD! An American black man is going to rule the entire world! We are doomed to all be black!


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