Whoopi Goldberg: Navy SEAL Widow was “Looking for Attention”



UPDATE: My Response to Whoopi Goldberg Suing Me

Whoopi Goldberg is in hot water after comments she made Wednesday regarding the Navy SEAL widow that was honored last night during President Donald Trump’s historical speech.

“She was just looking for attention. These military widows love their 15 minutes in the spotlight”, Goldberg said.

“If it were me I wouldn’t be able to leave the house. How can someone who is truly greiving go out there and be on TV. It just doesn’t make sense to me”

After last night’s demonstration where several democrats in leadership roles refused to stand while the widow was being honored, Goldberg continues to make the point that liberals lack a significant amount of class.

*** UPDATE- Anyone who believes this story or any other story on this website needs to read this post ***




    • So true, Ms. Whoopi! I could not attend anything, or certainly not go ANYWHERE, especially, that I knew I would be spotlighted, for almost a year when my husband passed. I could not even bring myself to attend a ceremony in which he was honored. Barely made it through his funeral and memorial. Couldn’t handle any public displays of affection. It was all too private, too personal, too painful.
      I’m not disrespecting this woman. She is just different. Liked the public acclaim or whatever. Strange …..
      Trump using her? Not surprising. Would have been nice, or respectful,
      certainly Presidential had he accepted responsibility for his action. He didn’t. He is not Presidential. He is a simple narcissist elected illegitimately waiting to be found out. Sad.

      • You answered your own question! You couldn’t attend an event to honor your deceased spouse? It wasn’t about you! It was about him and you being there to support and honor him! It’s called being selfless!

        • Amen. My husband has been gone for 10 years now.
          He was not a soldier but he has been honored so many times by his peers. It’s hard to listen to his music much less listen to him being lauded. But I endure it for him and his memory. Isadora got it wrong probably because she hates Trump….I’m sure her opinion would be the opposite if Hillary was in office. Damn shame people are filled with so much hate!

          • I agree with Jeane and Beth. Everyone grieves in their own way and NOBODY should condemn what this woman did. She was there to honor her husband’s memory and she got the strength and courage to do so through him. We honor the memories of our loved ones and appreciate the fact that there are others out there willing to take the time to pay these respects to our deceased. Talk to me about grieving and pain and I would love to sit with you Whoopi and fill you in on what I live with everyday of my life. My 21 year old daughter was brutally murdered. What I did then and what I continue to do to this day would probably amaze you, but I do it to keep my daughter ‘s memory alive. In order for survivors to go on in life, we must do what we have to do in order to survive. I am sick and tired of these people going against the President. Whether we like it or not, President Trump is now are President and instead of fighting him tooth and nail, why can’t we all stand behind our President and help him to clean up our nation and to become what we once where in the past ? I’m sure there are many Clinton haters out there also, but if she were elected President do you think we would still have all these protests and all the trouble that has been ensuing since Trump’s election ? Grow up people and furthermore, to Whoopi and all others — UNTIL YOU WALK IN MY SHOES , YOU DON’T HAVE A CLUE AS TO WHAT I LIVE WITH OR GO THROUGH EVERY DAY OF MY LIFE WITHOUT MY DAUGHTER OR MY HUSBAND !

          • And that is on both sides of the isle. I dont care about her being there. It just makes me mad that not ALL soldiers were honored like hers. It is terrible he died. But its terrible that any of them died. To just pick one out to honor is a dishonor to them all. Just sayin.

          • If Hillary was in office she wouldn’t honor anyone. We all know that she wouldn’t lift a finger to help those in the military. (Dose Benghazi ring a bell)

          • If you read the disclaimer at the end of the post the person responsible for this says his website is based on stories which are NOT REALITY! He just wanted to prove how people don’t fact check stories.
            Find this at the end of the story:
            *** UPDATE- Anyone who believes this story or any other story on this website needs to read this post ***

          • This lady isadora is pathetic she should be Ashamed of herself she is blind,sad thing is when people hate they are blocked off from the light of truth,it angers me but I have to lay that aside and be careful not to fall into that same anger or else I will be blocked off too I want to be free happy and at peace and I have to be careful not to allow people like isadora to infect me with her hateful and pathethic views,so blind she is so sad 😭

        • Isadora clearly stated that if it were her.. and later stated that this woman was just different. We all do and react to things differently. Self-righteousness would be looking at someone else state their opinion and then saying it’s invalid because you’re right. Pretty sure you didn’t follow that but oh well…. 🙂

          • I agree with Isadora. I lost my wife at a young age of 33. The first month afterwards, the grieving drained me and sucked all of my emotion away. It was difficult to show the amount of energy that the wife of the Seal was showing. All I could do was just sit there. She looked up to the heavens a good 12 times. That was in my opinion looking for the attention more than being real. It takes too much energy for all of that. I can see what Isadora is saying. This comes from a person who lost my wife at a young age. Not someone who thinks they know what you should feel.

        • Beth, very well said! Whoopi is a piece of work for sure and one whose work I will never watch again because of so many of the outrageous things she has said. She has no respect for anyone else at all and I have no respect for her.

          • Do you all realize what was reported here is not true? Whoopi Goldberg never said this. Please check your sources before pass judgement.

          • You and every other idiot on this comment thread, that cannot use simple cognitive skills and fact-check random sh!t you find on the internet before spreading it around and condemning innocent people, ALL of you are the reason we have Donald “ConMan” Trump for a president.

            Shame on every last one of you azzholes for propagating this bullsh!t and passing your holier than thou judgment on someone instead of using half a fvcking brain.

        • I think anyone that has a negative opinion of this, is just flat our disrespectful and greedy at heart. This was in recognition of a military soldier that lost his life, and President Trump was giving recognition to the soldier! We don’t give a rats ass whether or not you agree with what was going on or not. God Bless that woman that lost her husband, and that you Mr. Owen’s for time spent for protecting this country. Please God forgive all these pathetic moron’s that dog down someone in such grief! God Bless Mrs. Owen and President Trump protect them from the scum bags in this nasty world. <3

        • Absolutely,The ceremony was to HONOR his life, not your despair. You obviously didn’t love him as much as you loved your feelings.

          • It was NOT a ceremony to honour his life. The soldier’s widow attended Trump’s speech to Congress and a few words about him were included in that hour long speech.

            You were so eager to be outraged, you clearly didn’t read the entire article or understand what it was about.

            YOu also didn’t stop to question it, even though there it obviously fails to meet the most basic journalism standards: the 5Ws (The soldier and his widow are never even named. It doesn’t say where she was. or why Trump was making a speech, just refers to a speech “last night”.)

            Like every other article on this website, it’s fictional satire about the gullibility of rigidly partisan readers. It is literally “fake news”. Trump did give a speech, a soldier’s widow did attend — everything else is complete fiction.

        • Whoppi has reached a new level of Low! This brave woman was showing honor to her husband as should we. Showing a lack of respect for anyone who has lost their life for their country, our country is disgraceful, heartless and unexcuseable. Shame on you idiots!

          • You fucking idiot. This is a fake news site. Check the disclaimer at the bottom. You just love to hate don’t you?

        • Amen..It was NOT about her, It was about honoring Her Husband, and being there while the entire country honored him. How can ANYONE hate Trump for honoring one of our soldiers who gave his life for us. Whoopi makes me sick, and should be ashamed. The libs will find ANYTHING to hate our president , even honoring a soldier. Get over yourselves… God bless her for having the courage to honor her husband. And he DID honor the others…But he could not have every one of the families there. This one happened to be a seal, and got chosen to represent them all….

      • Ryan owens wife was grief stricken. Her and her husband were honored for their sacrifice. What you did our could do ..well this wasnt you was it? Trump did a great thing by her and him. For whoopee to say such hateful things and then for you to agree shows just how SICK you liberals are. You are nothing but hateful, nasty, scum.

        • And that is on both sides of the isle. I dont care about her being there. It just makes me mad that not ALL soldiers were honored like hers. It is terrible he died. But its terrible that any of them died. To just pick one out to honor is a dishonor to them all. Just sayin.

          • think of it like the tomb of the unknown soldier. that one represents the whole of them. its ludicrous to expect each and every one to be honored individually. we would spend every second of each day and still not get to everyone. its more symbolic.

        • Whoppi is going down faster than ever now. She has hit the bottom. This woman’s grief was clearly in the soul. This was about his honor. He is gone….I lost my son 10 yrs ago in an accident. I did not want to leave my house forever…but for him I did. That was the only time I was at peace was doing something out there in his memory. People are all different. I hate that people are so hateful.

        • This beautiful grieving wife has 3 kids at home.. she CAN’T just huddle in a ball.. she has to go on for them.. WHOOPIE IS IGNORANT.

        • Fuck your Carrie.. shows how smart you are and how much commonsense you have by putting every liberal or Democrat in the same basket because of one idiots comments. As far as Trump goes, someone must’ve suggested to have that moment for Ryan’s wife because he’s too stupid and selfish and arrogant think up that himself !!

          • Patty boy, The name says it all. So you attack Carrie because she didn’t agree, what a peace you are. Liberals seem to always have it wrong.

        • Isadora didn’t say anything nasty about the lady at the ceremony. It’s called a difference of opinion. And funny how we all take one or two opinions from a group of people and paint them all with the same stroke. That’s called ignorance and hatred. I’m guilty of it…and obviously so are you. Don’t think we are actually so different; we’re not.

          • Maybe not nasty but definitely disrespectful then she turns right around and says she’s not being disrespectful. ? Anyone who saw her grief stricken face and then to turn around and judge her motives is a very selfish insensitive person

        • #1, this is a FAKE news site, all of it is fiction, read the disclaimer at the bottom of the page. Not fake news like Trumo defines it (i.e. Anything that disagrees with him), fake news like the guy who wrote it says it is FICTION.
          #2, where was the outrage when Trump was going on national television, degrading gold star parents that were honored by Clinton? Was that ok because they were Muslim? If private citizens have an opinion about a white Christian woman on a website, they are scum but if a man running for public office disparages gold star parents of a Muslim American soldier on national television, you elect him president?
          Truly, if you want people to respect your political views, you should start basing them on actual fact and have the same standards for people that you support as you do for people you oppose. Then, maybe this country could actually start a healthy dialogue about how to make America even greater than it already is (if you think America is a “disaster” like our president, you should head on over to Yemen or Syria or any other war-torn country and see how those people are living. Our country is pretty damn great).

        • Before believing this article why not do some research? SHE NEVER SAID THIS!! Go to the views website or YouTube and watch the clip too see exactly what was said…in other words FACT CHECK!!!

          • how can you still be agreeing with this comment when I have said, whoopi has said, and dozens of media outlets have said that this story is false. I created this site as satire and as an experiment to show how easily people are duped by fake news. I have a link above the post a link below the post and a disclaimer at the bottom of the page. Wake up people

      • That’s how you handled it. She decided to be stronger than you and stupid whoop. Her husband would have been so disappointed if she had not done what she did. Most people don’t curl up and die on their couch because a loved one had passed, you get your butt back up and push through the heartache and continue to live. Life is too short to live in grief. What a waste of time. You and whoop are weak women who need a swift kick.

      • And your an idiot. Everyone handles death and grieving differently. I applaud her for carrying on and standing up for husband. He is a true hero and served to make us, this nation, a safer place to live. For there is no “Greater love for man, family, friend, country, than to lay down his life for all”. She also needs to be strong for her little ones. She is also a true patriot!!!

          • Parents handle the death of a child so different from a spouse. In most cases the spouse has young children to raise. They have to handle differently, Hate can’t consume them.
            No matter what president is in office they have an obligation to honor the fallen. Trump did the same as the previous presidents in office.

          • Yes, his dad not attending tells me the dad is stubborn and extremely selfish!!! It is all about Him and not his son!

      • This was a honor for her to go to President Trump speech where the President did honor her hero husband. I believe any widow would of went . You would of been honored to attend correct?

        • You are about stupid, like it was said before, it was not about you, it was to honor him, not a potty party for you, you disrespected your husband, and as for Whoopi, well you just have to consider the source, it was not about her so it was wrong, hope when she dies her daughter does not attend anything celebrating her life, as far as I am concern she is just plain scum !!!!

      • Maybe not everyone is as weak as you are. She went there to honor her husband. Get a life. You are just as evil-minded as ugly Whoopi.

      • Just like Obama used the families of al the blacks that were slain by the Police. Give me a break Libtards. Because you don’t like him, no matter what he does, you criticize. Just wait till one of your kids die, and the fact no one pays attention at all, lets see how you feel

      • Really? You didn’t leave the house to go to his funeral? Or what about work? Or any awards he might have gotten from his work to honor him?

        I myself have lost 2 husband’s, one to a car accident, the other from cancer.

        If you truly lost your husband, you know life has to go one. I had 3 kids under the age of 12. I HAD to go out to work, I had to go out shopping for food, I HAD to go out to buy clothing for my kids. I HAD TO GO ON LIVING.

        If my husband was be honored by ANYONE, I would go… just to be able to be around people who cared about him. Maybe if I was lucky I’d maybe hear a few stories about his life that I didn’t know or about his work life.
        But to honored by the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES… No matter who the president was.. YOU COULDN’T KEEP ME AWAY.

      • Everybody grieves in different ways. You call her strange, but some would call her strong.
        Some would refer someone that grieves abnormally long as weak, or frail, or maybe even wants prolonged attention. I don’t believe Whoopi said this. This has to be some kind of “FAKE NEWS”. This is something a really ignorant person would say and I know Whoopi couldn’t be that stupid.

      • Lady, you just got schooled. What is the point of sitting on a couch boo hooiing over a loved one that passes away. Sounds to me like you were a kept woman and your meal ticket got put 6 feet under. Doesn’t feel so good when you are judged does it? Think before you speak/type. When my father died, I continued to go to work and LIVE. If I had done anything different, my father would have been so disappointed in me. This woman/wife and mother is a true patriot that truly loves her husband. She stood and honored him as it should have been.

      • Wow! To try to take this special moment of this woman’s husband away from her. Shameful. PRESIDENT TRUMP showed he respect and honor. For snowflakes to make more of this breaks my heart. Why does it all have to be about you.???? The disrespect is disgraceful , the lies and the not standing up to show this woman respect has nothing to say about TRUMP but all about a person character and good God we Are in trouble they for now have seats in government but not for long I’m sure. Time to fire and get rid of there raises,and there health benefits. That will wake them up.

      • You just confirmed how selfish and stupid liberals are. Illegitimately elected? Last time I checked he won the electoral vote in a landslide. It might be news to you, but that’s how the USA elects its presidents. Now go get a life.

      • I lost a son in 2009 to a rare form of cancer! I would have attended if I had had that honor bestowed on him. You know why? Of course you do not. I had hope in me and I was not alone. Jesus carried me through those type of time, just as I believe He carried this widow. Why do you think she looked up. As hard as it was she did it out of respect and love for her husband And she knows she will see him again. If you could not perhaps you do not possess that kind of hope. And the way Whooping lives her life tells me she may not either. Shame on bothe of you. We all walk our own path when we lose a loved one, just give her the chance for her to walk hers the way she sees fit! Shame on you both!

      • If you can’t say anything nice bitch, just move with whoop to Canada. She’ll pay for you because you backed her in her stupid cold hearted statement and YOU , MUST be jealous cause UOI did not get invited. Obama was in office when all happened to you and he did not care less about your husband dying , so if you want to play the boohoo call obummer . YOU NOR WHOOP. showed respect .

      • You couldn’t honor your husband? Way to go! Most people I know who’s lost a loved one honors them in every way possible.
        though you grief the person no longer living, you celebrate the person who once lived
        Acknowledge all he/she loved and lived for.

        You made his passing about you… if you have children who was there for them I wonder. If anything what you did was more for attention
        Woe is me.

      • I have seen way to much death in my life, more than most people..because if the work and career I had. I have seen lots of grief ..all people handle it differently and honor their loved ones differently…you people need to get a life.

      • Especially since our douche bag president may be responsible for Blindly giving the go ahead with zero knowledge of what was going on. But.. I could be wrong. Still a shitty thing for her to say more. What is the point.

      • Everyone handles things differently For instance Wasnt Whoopi supposed to be gone by now ? She’ like all of her cohorts are doomed eventually I doubt seriously that their show is even watched enough to even have a significant rating

      • Well it’s a good thing no one tried to honor your husband as it appears you would not have been a good enough person to go out and allow anyone to do so. She was obviously very grief stricken but wanted to be there to see her husband receive that honor and I respect her more for it. As for Trump taking responsibility for his actions-what are you even referring to? His actions were not what caused this death. In fact the mission in which Owens was killed had been in the works before Trump ever took office. Libtards however seem to like blaming all the bad things that happen on Trump and refuse to say something good or nice. As for Whoopi’s dumbass she wouldn’t know sacrifice if it jumped up and smacked her in the face and she needs to keep her mouth shut instead of running it about someone that she doesn’t know nor deserve to!

        • Leslie, sorry, but Obama passed on doing that mission, because not enough intel was in. So yes, it was Trumps call, no one else’s. So do your research before you call anyone names.

          • No!!!!! Obama tried to get the mission done, but they needed a moonlit night while he was in office and the weather did not provide the right conditions. When the first time the weather cooperated, Trump was now the President. That is why the mission was a go under Trump!!!! Planning had been done for a few months!!!! And they did have all of the INTEL Mary.

      • Your grieving process is just that, yours. She is the widow of a SEAL. Her entire marriage she had to be much stronger than the average military spouse. You have no right to judge her. It is not strange for her to be strong. It is strange for you to expect her to be the same as you. Also, that mission had been in the works for a long time. Obama stated the only reason he hadn’t approved it was because the mission needed to be carried out during a certain time that fell after the inauguration. He felt it wasn’t right for him to approve a mission that would occur after he left office. It was not Trump’s fault. You clearly don’t understand the process of the military so you have no right to speak on who was at fault.

      • I had two young kids, so the option to wallow in my loss Was nil. I had to go to his furneral to celebrate his his life with friends and family. Maybe the Seal’s wife felt the same. Maybe you didn’t get any attention (support) from people who love you. I did! If the President asked her to come to honor her husband. Not a plea for attention. As for Militay wives, their husbands died for your and whoopi’s freedom. Think about that.

      • You are an idiot. Trump is not responsible for his death. He was a Special Forces Operator on a dangerous mission and he was well aware of the dangers. Our military is totally voluntary. Nobody forced him to go. You stupid liberals still don’t get it. We are fighting an idealistic enemy that have been indoctrinated since childhood that anyone that doesn’t conform to their ideals is an infidel and should die for that. The POTUS invited her to celebrate his life and service and you and the Whoopi Goldberg types want to take that away. How about YOU just go away! I HATE your types,with all my heart. I’m a proud veteran who loves my country and respects our President! You make me sick!

      • Your a fucking unpatriotic scumbag.
        Everybody suffers and handles pain of loss in different ways.
        Drllp dead you mother fucker!
        And watch and see, Donald Trump will go down as one of America’s greatest presidents.

      • So, Jackie Kennedy was “looking for attention” when she attended the nationally televised funeral for JFK and afterward stood in line for hours at the reception and greeted world leaders? Or when she did a magazine interview shortly after his death? Was that OK with you? How about Cindy Sheehan, was her “15 minutes” ok? GWB was incredibly gracious and allowed her to grieve how she saw fit. Is it only Republican women you feel should shut up and sit down? Seriously, lady – take a look in the mirror. You might want to wipe that smug off.

      • http://thoughtcatalog.com/shahida-arabi/2016/06/20-diversion-tactics-highly-manipulative-narcissists-sociopaths-and-psychopaths-use-to-silence-you/2/

        Isadora (and others), My sincere sympathy in the loss of your husband. True love and selflessness are expressed by being open to being hurt – not by protecting yourself.

        By projecting her own fault onto another person, the way Whoopi Goldberg did, she showed a lack of compassion. It reminded me of an article I recently found about methods used by malignant narcissists on their victims. It is called projection. Take care what you say about others motives, rather examine your own. Here is the article:

      • That is because, you, have NEVER BEEN A MILITARY SPOUSE! They are as strong as our soldiers, marines and sailors. That is something you fail to understand, and that is the fortitude, tenacity, bravery and courage under fire that you and that douchebag whoppie lack! You just don’t get it, do you? If you are in the military, you know you cannot marry just anybody. It takes a very special person to stay behind time and time again holding down the fort while you leave over and over again. You have no idea what you are talking about and so obviously could NEVER BE A MILITARY SPOUSE! You don’t have what it takes. It takes a very special person to marry the military. You do not have ANY OF THE NECESSARY CREDENTIALS! Remember that.

      • So you ascribe to the same theory when it comes to the parents of the Sandy Hook Hoax? Robbie Parker came out smiling and laughing in front of the cameras before getting his ‘act’ together and behave as a distraught parent would the day after their child was brutally murdered.

      • How dare you, really😠you have no respect, for anyone,no heart, no feelings…i felt her pain, she was their to honor her husband, a navy seal that lost his life, so your worthless asses cAn be free…you All that act like this surly karma has a big surprise in store for you liberals ,you all are idiots…all because the hatered u have for our presidents, wow..your pathedic ppl ,cant move on, just WOW!!!! PRESIDENT HONORING MY HUSBAND ,I WOULD SHOW UP .EVEN IF I WAS MESSED UP IN GRIEF….you are a discrace to the humun race…the view pplwill be out of jobs !!! How low ,you are just scum on our earth…

      • You did gusted PD the her. These women aren’t weak – they are so much stronger than you will ever know. You are enjoying the freedom that these men and their families selflesdly sacrifice every day of their lives.

      • What the hell is wrong with you people. Her husband was being HONORED by the President of the United States. Grief or no grief, it would have been disrespectful to her dead Husband not to be there. You fucking liberals have no empathy for anyone but yourselves. Hilary called Republicans deplorables, but it seems to me and the rest of the country that it is you damned far left liberals who are deplorable. Whoopie must be so jealous that she is not getting the attention that she feels she deserves just because of the color of her skin. She is without talent, has become a pariah to those looking for entertainment. Whoopie’s soul belongs to Satan and she has become a bad cliche.

        • What people forget is that the demoturds leaked the mission details to the enemy, and then get self righteous about hte death, Osamas shadow govt is to blame for his death

      • MAYBE because she is a STRONG woman and YOU are a WEAK, sniveling POS. Her husband was being HONORED and she put aside HER feelings…Apparently you can’t because it’s all about YOU.

      • Guess what your sissy-man president planned that attack! Check your facts before you trash the best president ever!!!

      • You are an empty soul, and I feel sorry for you. To use this action as an opportunity to attack and condemn President Trump is appalling !!! You and Whoopi deserve one another, I’ve never been so disgusted by that actions and words of other people than I am right now !!!

      • Everybody grieves differently! How dare you let your ignorant hate for trump be so crazy! Shame on you for thinking you are God and everyone should be like you! You are a closed minded fool!

      • So you didn’t have a funeral for your husband? If someone is honoring someone it’s your duty as a military wife to go. We know this when we marry . As for it being trumps fault your an idiot. Don’t blame the terrorists they went to get blame trump. You are disrespecting her by saying she must be like you. She is not she is stronger. Whoopie is complete lunatic, the view should have been thrown off the air a long time ago. She honors pedophilies and rapists but disrespects military , veterans and their wives. She’s a pig

      • Isadora Whoopi is evil and your response is just plain stupid. You do not like Trump so you are going to slam anything or anyone who does. Typical liberal – mean. I hope whoopi gets fired for being such a bitch.

      • You’re pathetic…it wasn’t about her!! That Whoopie is a racist has been…wants attention herself! Shame on you both!!

      • People grieve in their own way. She was there because her husband was being honored. She did it for him. Guess you don’t remember all the people Obama paraded out in his speeches, at least this was a hero that deserves all the respect we can give him and his wife.

      • ME ME ME. That is what this is all about. Why do you, and Whoopie, say, this is what I would have done or not done? Not about you. This was her way of honoring her husband and certainly not easy for her. Are you so narcissistic you can’t even see that, or care?

      • Military Women face the daily prospect of losing their husbands in battle. This is no average women. She is the wife of a Navy Seal. How many times has she had to console another when a Serviceman never made it home. Just because it’s too traumatic for you doesn’t mean that anyone who could is seeking attention. There is a thing called Honor, at a level that most civilians never reach. It’s honed and tempered by battles both won and lost. It’s Honor to her fallen husband that bright her there that night. It’s Honor as a wife to step out of your comfort zone and pay tribute to the man who fathered your children and loved his country at a level few today understand. So just because you or Whoopi can and will never understand that don’t mock someone who can.

      • Isadora, you have showed that you know nothing about grieving. Different people grieve differently. Does this mean they are wrong? When my wife of 23 years died, I never felt so alone. I went to a church that had a class on grieving. There I met people who were still grieving for their lost ones for over 10 years. My wife and I were still deeply in love at the time of her death. We had a 1 year old, I had to live, so I left the group to raise our son and continue living this life that God blessed me with. I put my trust in Him and He didn’t let me down. Perhaps others have someone to believe in, always, and maybe others don’t. I tend to think we got it better off.

      • You are a self-centered human being. She was there to honor her late husband. Please take a look at yourself, you need some adjusting.

      • Everyone grieves differently and she was being strong as her husband waa being honored in public. I’m appalled by the actions/words of so many.

      • Isadora, I don’t expect you to understand the sacrifices made by military families. I don’t expect you to understand the strength that our families possess that is necessary to endure the military lifestyle. I certainly don’t expect you to understand the comraderie that military families share well beyond anything civilians understand. That widow was there to not only honor her husband but to stand as an example for all of the spouses who have paid the ultimate price, to show them that they can grieve and celebrate and honor their spouse at the exact same time. She was not standing there alone and she knew it. She had an entire military family standing right beside her ready to defend ignorance from petty, small people like Whoopi Goldberg. Don’t judge something you have no ability to comprehend.

      • you people leave whoppie and those other no name no talent cretins alone. they only get invited to the “M”list celebrity parties and to appear at openings at used car lots. they have to do and say outrageous things so they can at least get their names on page nine of the Thrifty Nickle news. If you really want to rid yourself on their banal chatter notify their sponsors that they make you sick and you identify them with the sponsors company.

      • Isadora, you’re a real piece of work. You apparently don’t love you’re husband enough to say you would miss honoring him because you’re too depressed. Did you go to his funeral??
        Whoopi, what can I say about her? She’s just a huge piece a shit clogging the toilet. Flush that!!

      • WOW, Your one sad human being!!!!! You need counseling or something!!!!! I would be honored to attend anything for my hubby(still alive) when he passes. It is called living and moving forward honoring him and keeping him in my heart!!!

      • How is he illegitimate? Because you didn’t vote for him? The majority of the republic voted for and as our laws have been for over 200 years he was elected. Did you attend school ?

      • Sorry to hear if your lose and i am grateful for the service and the ultimate sacrifice your husband made for our freedom!
        Now that I have expressed my sorrow and gratitude I have to say that all people grieve in different ways. She is not STRANGE and Whoopi was wrong and disrespectful! And you are wrong about President Trump, it wasn’t his fault and I find your unfounded hated for our President deplorable.

      • No Isadora. You’re sad. You can’t accept that Trump is Americas President and no one cares that you cannot come to terms with that. Also, you ignorant fool, we all grieve in different ways. She’s honoring her late husband not her quest for attention. Do America a favor and rid us of your useless presence.

      • Isadora – No one grieves the same way, how dare you put this woman down whoppi deserves a whopping… I just met a woman who was out singing her heart at a legion, after speaking with her she only lost her hubby 8 months ago, my other friend only started really grieving almost 2 years after her honey passed … How dare you judge and say she wants the spot lite … shame on you – the judgement against this woman is sick! Thank god she is out of her home and not at home devastated and contemplating suicide. Anyone to judge how someone grieves is sick, delusional and in humane. Whoopi – stop slamming people and making judgement – I used to have respect – (PS this is coming from a professional)

    • ,Whoopi Goldberg is nothing but a washed up wanna be, does a talk show over bullshit. So your saying Whoopi you couldn’t attend a ceremony honoring your husband if he died . Well that’s a little selfish wouldn’t you think. I had my wife pass away ,from a wreck , 2 weeks later her job honored her at work for accomplishments she had made on her job and at homeless shelters. Yeah ,I was very hurt and upset , didn’t even date anyone again for 7 years. But I took it as a honor for them to do this for her, and I didn’t miss it. Neither did our son. So enough of your hatred bullshit.

    • AGREED. These people saying that “they couldn’t leave the house”… they have no clue how brave Ryan’s widow had to be just to endure his service and commitment to our country while he was alive! SHE IS STRONG AND BRAVE. To insuate otherwise is disgusting. Whoopi and these other Trump bashers are cowards. Mad respect for Carryn Owens from me. Whoopi can go straight to hell.

    • Whoopi Goldasshole…. Unless you have been there and suffered what she has SDASTFU….. How dare you even make such a comment. Your true self is showing thru…

    • Does anyone realize this is a satire website? Like The Onion or Clickhole? If you click on their disclaimer at the bottom of the page they say it themselves. Be careful what you take purely at face value.

    • Of course you just conveniently forget what killed the man.The team was trapped by bearded friends of obanana with his fellow socialist clercks knowing the mission details and release them gleefully to their so praised frienemies in the name of polcorr marxist version of comrade prophet muhammad and his general secretary.Isn’t that funny?And we are talking of what poor widow should do according to whoppy’s gospel and other smart asses?

    • THIS IS A LIE. PLEASE check transcript on VIEW site if needed; This is a fake news site maligning Whoopi and actually endangering her life and that of her family. Please pass it on!

    • Really? You believe this garbage. This author and hopefully this magazine
      is about to get sued big time and I couldn’t be happier. It says much about the people who would read this crap and believe it without checking it out through Snopes or another fact finding website. Shame on you.


    • Well said, I agree. Such hatred for our President, and now everyone is fair game. His defenseless 10 year old son, our falken heroes and their families. Shame on you feminists, bullying your countrymen like you do.

    • Whoopi you are despicable, hateful, i wish to God i could personally THROW your sorry ass out of out of our country, you are most of our countries problems. It’s all about you hey whoopi, better think again.

    • How does it feel to know all you morons got played?



    • You know it has been shown that Whoopi DID NOT say this. It was made up by a website based in Costa Rica. Please, please believe nothing that you don’t witness with your own eyes (then still doubt it a little).

    • This is a false news site, and she didn’t say these things. She is and always has been supportive of Vets and their families.

      Check the VIEW transcript.

      Haters make me sad.

  2. whoopi every time you open your mouth u prove your ignorance. If you could just shut up no one would know how stupid u really are. Can’t you just STFU???

  3. How dare Mrs. Goldberg, or anyone else judge how one grieves !! Anyone who said anything negatively about her and her hero husband should be ashamed of themselves !! That to me, was such a patriotic statement for our President of the United States to remind everyone that our Freedom is not free and to recognize the men and women who fight for our Freedom. All of you Never Trumper’s, need to get over yourselves. This is much bigger than you !!! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  4. I can’t say what I’d really like to say so I’m going to be politically correct and PG rated. You don’t know this woman. You don’t know her reasons for attending this address. You haven’t lost your partner and maybe the love of your life. Guess what. Shut up and keep your soulless responses to yourself. Your opinion is irrelevant to those of us with souls and compassion for our fellow men and women.

  5. Lets just call theiswt it is! Whoopie stop being such a bitch! That statement was rude, crass and down right un American! Not one pinny of my support! I will nt buy products that support the view! I will boy cott theim fearcly!

  6. Whoopi – do you really want to be the center of attention by being so dam mean and cruel? I have always loved your movies but you have lost a fan. You stoop to a very low level lady. Don’t you think it is time to pack your bags and move out of our country like you said you would if Trump was elected President. Well guess what – he WON so get over it. Stop being so full HATE and DISRESPECT!

  7. Your an ignorant ass who should be deported! I think you must have loved st all sense of human dignity and emotion. If you can not truly feel that woman’s pain. God help you if you should ever experience such a loss! God does not like ugly, and that Madame is exactly what you and your soul is!

  8. She is a very strong woman who was there only to honor her husband. How dare you Whoopi to be so cruel to suggest otherwise.


      • It was his wife and her parents. His father may not agree with the mission, but apparently his son did. As for the View, wouldn’t waste my time watching that crap or those small minded, loud mouths that host it. A disgrace to women and should be yanked.

      • karen: You are a dumbass. Whoopi only knows hate. Get that through your liberal head. By the way, Whoppi is ugly inside and out – period!

      • Maybe you should get your facts straight before you open your stupid mouth. It was her husband that died. Not her father.

  9. Whoopi thought you were moving guess not just another lie from you again. No wonder your not married no one could stand waking up to you and your ugly mouth. your nothing but a has been. You have no rescept for anyone. You have no class.

  10. Whoppie, stfu. How unpatriotic, racist and rude can you
    Fing be. Her husband died for us. For this Country. Why don’t you just move to another Country. Your so full of hate and discust.
    We’re all so sick and tired of your nasty mouth. Get a life. Get out
    Of T.V. you are un American

  11. That black bitch needs to finally shut the fuck up once and for all.
    How disrespectful to that widow and A Fallen Soldier!!!
    I don’t care if there are rules on here or not or what anyone thinks. She’s a racist cunt with her own agenda!

  12. Gee Whoopi, when you lost someone you love, did you stay in your house for as long as you think this widow should? I lost a child. He just 3 weeks short of turning 4 yrs old. Should I have stayed at home while my other two children run wild around the house? How can you as a woman and mother make such a vile comment like that… How in God’s name could you say that???!!!! You are so evil and nasty….

    • Exactly I so agree with you…I’m so very sorry for the loss your child. I lost a child too, my grandson who has lived with us since he was born was killed in a car accident 5 days after he turned 20 years old on Oct. 30th 2012, the day before Halloween. We went trick or treating the next night with his little sister. I know we didn’t have to go but we did it for our granddaughter who was only 4 at the time. People probably can’t understand how we could have done that?? Well you do what you have to do. Whoopi needs a reality check! So much HATE and disrespect!!

      • I agree Jean & P. I also lost my oldest son 4 days after his 23rd birthday in a car accident in 2003. I didn’t want to even get up in the mornings but I had his 5 brothers and sisters younger than him still home and for him …even though he was gone…and for them I got up every day and tried to help them cope with their brother suddenly taken from them and to make it as normal a routine daily for them as I could. It has been 14 years since he has been gone and not a day goes by I don’t think of him and cry. So Whoopi until you have faced something like a sudden death of a loved one then keep your mouth shot about things you know nothing about.

  13. Your career as a respectable TV personality died but you still leave your house. That comment as well as just about everything else you spew once again shows your ignorance is gravely underestimated. Thought you were moving?

  14. What an ignorant bitch !! Man, i was so hoping she would leave the USA.. course she ran her big mouth that if Trump was elected she would leave, thinking for sure hillbeans was a sure !! She has no respect nor dignity. Disgusting. 😠

  15. Whoopi Goldberg you are totally stupid dysfunctional down graded Bitch. Well Whoopi you are not the widow, so stay home and hide under your Bed Bitch, Mrs. Owens definitely don’t need to demonstrate her 15 mins fame cause she earn that respect and honor from the President of the United States. Its totally disrespectful on your conduct and the Viewer should be Boycotted for your stupid ignorance . Will see whom going to get the last laugh . When President Trump Drain the swamp . Ps : were you suppose to leave the country, if Trump becomes President of the United States 🇺🇸. Well miss loud mouth you haven’t. You are totally all talk no action. Please leave my country Bitch. God don’t like ugly and you are totally UGLY 😡😡😡😡😝😝😝😝😡😡😡😡

  16. God Lord, to watch Whoppie judge a WOMAN, and her emotional reaction to her husband being thanked and honored by THE PRESIDENT of the UNITED STATES………is UN-AMERICAN! You promised to LEAVE…… TRUMP WON, and YOU LOST!!! I CALL YOUR BLUFF, WHOPPIE (AKA) CANADIAN in TRAINING!

    • Your a moron this operation was planned by military operatives not Trump. And to those holier than thou Democrats who didn’t stand shame on you, if you were my senator I would harass you so bad you would take a cyanide pill just together away from it. You and your Hollywood buddies are the seedist scum in America

  17. Omg you’re truly a stupid stupid person that needs help you are far from being a roll model you are the reason I stopped watching the view you and your twin need to move far far away if you don’t like America then leave you will not be missed….. So Whoopi and Joy I have only one last thing to say both of you are STUPID and so is the view.

  18. You have no compation or a good heart I hope one day you will realized how mean you arei and that will be the reason you’ll wind up alone with no one to love you , you obeosly don’t know what love is because you never got it.

  19. Whoopi Goldberg is a racist, sexist bigot who’s 15
    minutes of fame will be well over while this man will always be remembered. That dirty bitch not so much.

  20. Whoopi Goldberg, I’m in my 70’s and have been a fan of yours for countless years. I am a veteran. And whether you want to admit it or not you have absolutely no respect for this country’s military or anything associated with it. Thing is Whoopi you can’t hurt me simply because everything you say or do, as far as I am concerned, is meaningless. You have proven yourself a heartless person. I’d use the words Human Being but you don’t qualify as anyone coming close to holding a candle to the meaning of the words……. Human Being. You, and others with the same attitude as yours, are fine examples as to why everyone in this country ought to be glad Trump got in instead of the other party. I’ll end this with God’s speed to President Trump…….. and God Love America.

    • Thank you so much, Ray, for your service and Love for Our Country. I use to Love Whoopi but I too am no longer a fan of hers. My heart goes out to Mrs.Owens and her family for the tragic loss of Ryan, may he R.I.P. President Trump was so right when he said his memory would last an eternity, as will all our War Heroes. I would also like to Thank You for your response,, while you , as so many of us, are upset with this attitude of hate and disrepect, you made your feelings quite clear and still were able to keep your cool…Not Sure I Would, Sir. So, if I may agree with you whole heartedly and again Thank You, Sir for your Respect and Love for All Those who have and are now serving and for our President Trump. GOD BLESS AMERICA ~ AMEN ,

  21. If the widow was black Whoopi would have a different opinion. WG is one of the biggest racist spewing their hate out there.

  22. If the widow was black Whoopi would have a different opinion. WG is one of the biggest racist spewing their hate out there.

  23. I haven’t liked you since Sister Act (1)! I don’t like you. I don’t like your movies. I don’t like your morals. I don’t like your filthy mouth. I don’t like the way you look. I don’t like your politics. I don’t know why they keep you on the show or want you on any show. You are totally disgusting And, I wish that you would be quiet and go away!

  24. ABC needs to pull The View and Whooping Goldberg off the air IMMEDIATELY. Who of any sound mine would make this comment about anyone who has lost a spouse, let alone a military wife. You are sick!! I lost my husband in October, and he was the love of my life. I am not off crying in a corner of my house because that is not how I grieve. The grief journey is different for everyone. You could see the pain on this woman’s face and feel it through the TV. She is so new in the grief process she doesn’t know what to do or where to go. She just wants her partner in life back and wants to honor him, and maybe, just maybe, by honoring him there at the center of our democracy that he lost his life for, she will feel him next to her again. I think you said you do not even believe in God, Whoopi, and I do not think that even my God could see through your black heart. You are alone Whoopi. You have no husband, no girlfriend, are widely despised around the world, you have not done anything with your career except to sit and spin at The View helping spew hate. When I break down at the grocery store because I realize I do not need to buy my husband’s favorite cereal, I am not looking for attention, you bitch. That courageous woman put herself in the spotlight because it is honoring her husband, even though her profound grief was on display for the world to see. I will pray for you Whoopi, even though you probably will not care.

  25. She deserves to be noticed whimpie her husband gave his ultimate sacrifice so you can run you liberal mouth Please do us all a favor and Shut the f–k up or better yet just DIE !!

  26. Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar and Sunny Hostin need to immediately be FIRED from THE VIEW. Better yet, ABC should be forced to remove THE VIEW from the airwaves. It is offensive trash television. It is NOT what Barbara Walters envisioned & created and it is only being used as a daily hit piece against President Donald J. Trump and his administration. Only low information voters watch this shit and sadly, they believe the LIES the show spreads, as if this show was an actual credible news show. It is an entertainment show, although it is piss poor entertainment at best. Whoopi, Joy and Sunny are bitter, hate-filled, liars with no joy or love for America. They can’t even stand one another. THE VIEW needs be taken off the air, period!

  27. You become more VILE every day. Is there no limit to your hatred? What is so wrong in your life that you feel such a need to try to make EVERYTHING so negative and hateful…….SAD!!!

  28. What made you so evil? Most of your movies showed compassion and kindness but I guess that was just acting. You are an add.

  29. Your a hateful person an your personal life must be hell as you look in the mirror. Get out of the Country before your taken out an never to return.

  30. It’s a shame to many of us that a woman of Whoopis character is allowed to live and prosper by degrading others. My conclusion is, she was created by the same God we all were created by. God loves her, but her evilness will reap a harvest of destruction. Beware Whoopi of want you judge people by because you will receive the same judgement. That widow has a heart that is already broken, dont pour salt in her wounds…she did nothing wrong. Her husband was only doing what was required of him as a U.S soldier…keep America free. You will one day stand before God and He will punish you accordingly…may he have mercy on your vile, evil spirit.

  31. If I were Whoopi Goldberg, ai wouldn’t leave the house either. I would be too ashamed of my own ignorance, lack of compassion, self importance, and all around disrespect for the men, women, and their families who sacrifice to keep this country safe toget out of bed in the morning.

  32. Poor Whoopie! Everyone is beating up on you. When you decided to go into show business did you imagine yourself as someone that no one wants to invite into their home? You see, I rate you along with the likes of Jerry Springer and his so informative show. Actually, you have no redeeming qualities and I think he has at least one. He knows his show is TRASH, but I think you think yours has some value. Nope, it doesn’t, it is just trash. I don’t want trash in my house and so I throw it out. I don’t let it sit around to stink up things until it draws pests. It looks like from the comments here that a lot of people feel the same as I do. Hopefully someone with some sense will buy some contractor bags and haul you out.

    • Amen! I agree with many of you. That show is trash and does not belong on my TV. To disrespect that widow of the fallen hero is the pits. She was honoring her husband. People grieve in different ways. Handling grief is very hard for most of us. She did nothing wrong. On the other hand Whoopi and your ilk at disgusting. I am sick of the lot of you. Go away and shut up. If you can’t be nice we don’t need you.

  33. So now it’s ok for the democraps to go after a goldstar family???? Hmmmm, things were an awful lot different at the democraps tic national convention now wasn’t it. Maybe mr and mrs kahn should have stayed home. Or were they out just looking for attention. We whoopie, why the change of opinion now??

    • Even worse, the Khans are phonies. Mr. Kahn is an immigration lawyer who lobbies for unconstitutional Shariah Law to be implemented in this country, and who illegally sold Green Cards to wealthy Saudi businessmen, each for a great deal of cash. When he waved a borrowed copy of our Constitution (used ad a prop) at the DNC Convention, he revealed himself to be a total liar and a fraud. After Mr. Kahn’s speech, he hurriedly gave that copy of our Constitution (which he hates and lobbies against) back to the DNC operative who had purchased it earlier to be used as a prop for his Convention appearance.

      The FBI has been after Kahn for years, and would have nailed his ass to the wall except that Obama politicized the FBI for his own purposes. Maybe with Jeff Sessions as the “New Sheriff in Town” we will finally see the “Kahn man” put out of business and in jail where he belongs.

    • I was searching through the comments, furtively looking for someone who would bring up the Kahns and their appearance at the DNC and all of the outrage over Trump’s remarks in reference to them. How quickly the same Democrats/Liberals that were quick to support what the Kahns did (which was all a staged political crock!) are so quick to condemn this widow! Can’t have it both ways, people!!!! The Democrats that sat and refused to show honor and respect for this are a disgrace to the country they serve!

  34. Whoopi I use to like your films. However I will never watch a show that you are in and won’t watch the View. You do not belong in America after your disrespect for our military members who laid down their lives for your Freedom. That widow deserved comfort from all. You said you were going to leave the country. Please do

  35. Whoopie , you are getting so fat ,how dare you find fault with anyone. Look in a mirror, if you can find one big enough, you will.see a fat slut.

  36. These liberals are truly showing their real colors. Degrading a Gold Star Family!! I hope that the regular working class liberals are getting a good eyeful of what their leaders are really standing for. There are some military that are Democrats and I hope they are getting a good eyeful of what their party really stands for. Its all about minorities and illegals and anyone else is just garbage to them – Whoopi trashing a Gold star family? – this proves it!

  37. Democrats had better get over themselves because the rest of the country will! They will be become increasingly irrelevant. Constant jaundiced disdain does not draw people to their cause. It causes people to see them as ineffectual. Proverbs teaches us that “where there is no vision, the people perish.” Their vision seems to be one of handwringing, finger pointing, and obstructionism.

  38. Tell Whoppi to leave the country like she said she would. We don’t want her here. We will honor the brave and their family’s always. Anyone that watches your movies or the View only watch trash.

  39. Whopper Golddigger is at it again as usual ! Showing off he classlessness !
    Will she ever be able to shut her piehole ? Not until we make Hollyweird a place only liberals like to deal with !
    Show them no support !
    It starts with our wallets !

  40. SHe should be fired from the View! I hope that people will quit watching her and her disgusting mouth! Leave this county like you promised!!! Don’t let the door hit you on your big ASS as your leaving!

  41. The View has become nothing more than a bunch of liberal hags! Cancel that garbage of a show. Whoopie please move to Canada like you mouthed of months ago that you would do if Hillary lost the election! You are so out of touch with the reality of what the American people support and desire! Hillarys ship sunk because we were tired of the democratic self entitled arrogant career politicians. Now we are tired of your nasty ass comments on the view! You should be fired! All you and Joy do is make the show that Class act Barbara Walters started look like a political Jerry springer joke! Time to cancel that show and nobody would miss it! Especially you and Joy good riddance and don’t let the door hit you in that fat ass whoopie!

    • I as a Canadian am getting pissed off by all you telling the fat sow to keep her word and move to Canada. What the fu*k have you people got against Canada. That piece of sh*t with no redeeming value is the spawn of questionable heritage should be hauled off to some landfill in the U S of A. We have more than our quota of garbage in the form of our piss ant Prime Minister.

      • I can understand your outrage. It’s not that we actually wish her off on our neighbors in Canada. We’d prefer to see her move to the Middle East. But she publicly swore she would move to Canada if President Trump won the election… so that’s why everyone keeps telling her to go there. I hope that clears up any conception of animosity. Most of us do love our Canadian friends. 🙂

      • I love this! You know she knows you guys don’t want her. She doesn’t want everyone else to have it confirmed that she isn’t as wonderful as she thinks she is. How embarrassing to want to immigrate but know that just about every country out there would probably tell her to dig in where she is cause they don’t want her either. I have to say though that we tried really hard to help her pack,

  42. You SUCK..that is all I can say you make me so disgusted and sick to my stomach reading your horrible and disrespectful remarks. WHO THE HELL ARE YOU TO JUDGE this lady? Not everyone grieves the same and she was honoring the memory of her husband. Anyone with even a tiny brain like you could see she was in pain and suffering but wanted to be strong for her husband’s memory to honor him. YOU IDIOT. I can not stand you any longer even to hear one word you speak you moron. This is the last straw… I am never ever even going to read anything you say or I will throw up. You are evil.

  43. I think its YOU Whoopi who is always needing attention! You are so LOUD and OUTSPOKEN..You want to be heard above everyone else! The Naval Seal widow
    was very obviously distraught…but came because Trump ASKED her to be there!
    Out of RESPECT for the PRESIDENT and her HUSBAND! Something YOU might NOT understand! Trump made sure she was sitting next to Ivanka for emotional support. Whoopi you have NO HEART to be able to talk this callously about the grieving wife of a BRAVE Navy Seal. How RUDE and shows you have absolutely NO COMPASSION!

  44. If ABC has any respect for viewers the View will be taken off the air and Joy Sunny and Whoopi get fired banning them from any day time show or night time, they are sick in the head and will never change because they think they are doing a good job. They need to take a slow boat to China and have it sink on the way !!!! They will never be missed !!

  45. Disgusting… She wouldn’t know the term sacrafice if it bit her on the behind. She gets her freedoms because of our armed forces. I won’t watch her in anything ever again. Done with you whoopie, you just lost YOUR 15 minutes of fame. Uh buh bye!

  46. I along with many others around the USA are signing the petition to get The View off the air. The corporations that back the show is losing a lot of money cause we won’t buy their products or watch the channel. The View is getting what they deserve for the hate, racism attitude, personal opinions that are absolutely way out of text. Thanks to the American People who are sick and tired of listening to those chirping baby birds who just chirp all at the same time. Have their mouths open to try and catch the worm but Trump supporters will win the battle trust me. They have to be boycotted and petitions signed. Letters to the company.. anything you can think of. Good luck. I have done quite a bit already. I am done with abuse from the lefties….

    • Lets hope this remark leaves this pathetic excuse for a human being and her VIEW in the dumpster once and for all. She may have sealed her coffin this time…..and her liberal assed mouth….

  47. Whoopi: If you even had a husband and he died as a hero serving his country and POTUS calls to say he wants to honor him in front of the whole world with 43 million viewers and pays for you to attend, you gonna turn him down? Worse, you gonna blame someone else in that situation for NOT turning him down? Woman, you is crazy!

  48. Whoopie you are just an idiot. She wasn’t there for herself , she was there so her husband could be honored like he should be. Your head is some where else just spurting things out and not thinking before you talk is not the way a news person speaks . You are uncouth, you don’t know how to report your a washed up actress who was never any good anyway and your clothes sense is like a Neanderthal. I could go on and on but it’s not worth my time because you are what you are, a no talent boob!

  49. First of all this mission was planned by the Obama Administration so the complaints are just ridiculous and Whoopi Goldberg the turncoat said she was moving if our president Trump won so get out leave why don’t you go and protest women’s rights abuses in Saudi Arabia get the hell out of here

  50. But it was somehow ok for Obama to have Trayvon Martin’s mother and the parents of the children killed in Sandy Hook at his addresses to Congress? Were they not grieving? Was their grief any less? Wake up Whoopi! Double standards do nothing but proof ignorance and lack of compassion.

  51. I am not a fan of Trump and I did support Hillary. However Whoppi your remark was just so mean and cruel. I can not believe that you said that. People grieve in their own way and I would like to think that I would be strong enough to leave my house to honor the memory of the one I lost. I hope you apologize and if you don’t then I think ABC should fire you as I will never watch The View again. That brave young man lost his life protecting the likes of you. Even if you do apologize, I and many others will not watch that show ever again.

  52. It’s called courage. It took courage for her to stand there and honor her husband. But he deserved it, he died for all of us, including the clueless Whoopi and all the looney lefts.

  53. BARBARA WALTERS take this show off the air it is a disgrace to your name. Whoopi needs to be shut up and the show needs shut down. Do us all that favor. She has no common sense.

  54. Whoopi Goldberg, II used to be a great fan of yours.. years ago before you became a cruel, vicious, evil, hateful, sorry excuse for a human! How dare you mock this woman? What you could… or could not do while standing in her shoes is irrelevant. Maybe you don’t love as deeply as she does. Maybe the thought of him and his courage spurred her to accept the invitation from her President to honor her husband, even though her heart is broken! SHE didn’t want attention, she wanted to know that her man did not die in vain! That his sacrifice was acknowledged, and appreciated by the people he died for! US! I think she showed great courage and strength to be there to hear him honored. Even though what I could or could not do in her shoes is also irrelevant, I can tell you that I would have used every ounce of strength I had, just to be there, 1 last time, for my man. I saw her lift her eyes toward Heaven.. and saw her giving up a silent prayer.. or maybe saying a final goodbye to her love.
    You sicken me… I will NEVER watch anything again that you are involved in, in any way.


  56. You liberals used to say how the conservatives were heartless. Well some of your comment show the real truth about liberals. They are the heartless people.

  57. That’s because a fucking monkey like you don’t have feelings. Your a fucking animal not a human being. Go somewhere and die you fucking pig whore.

  58. WOW….attention seeking?…..12/21/15 we lost my nephew SSgt.Louis Bonacasa &5 other Hero’s to a suicide bombing in Afghanistan…. Obama NEVER mentioned a word…not even on Christmas Day when he was on TV….2 months later my brother… sis in law, my nephew’s widow &little girl was invited to his State of the Union Address… He NEVER uttered a word about OUR troops….so…attention it’s not about…it’s Honor..and Trump is honorable….And Whoopie….I hope you and your show go down….#keepbonesalive

  59. The hard-hearted, anti-Trump-for-ANY-reason needs to shut up! You never served our country or its people in any way! You have lived to serve only your self & your closed minded, hard-hearted views. This woman-and her hero husband-deserve our respect, love and prayers! God bless her and her family and thank you to her hero husband for his service and sacrifice.

  60. It’s people like you “Whoopie” that are dividing this country. Please keep your mouth shut and have some respect for other people.

  61. we tend to forget the man put his life on the line for us all of us dems and rep, and just all the people , whats wrong with mostly the dems, they lost there heart or maybe never had one. are they the real terroist, seems
    like there leading up to that. Obama i feel is behind a lot of what goes on, he should be shut down, he should not even be allowed to live in dc. the fbi should look at him closely. it ashame how we have divded our selfs
    dems get over it hollywood stop keep your nasty opinons to yourselves,your making an ass out of your profession.

  62. If anyone is looking for attention it’s you Whoopie Goldberg! By making a statement like this about a grieving widow. You truly are a poor example for a human! The view should fire you along with Joy Bayhar! You are both against America!

  63. Well everyone lnows by now that Whoopi Goldberg is a complete and utter Libtard and why anyone still listens to a word that comes out of her mouth is beyond me! She needs to shut the hell up or just leave this country altogether! No one would miss her and the bs that comes out when she talks.

  64. Hey Isadora, the fact that you were so weak and couldn’t even honor your own husband is sad, but how dare you disrespect this hero’s widow. BTW your ignorance is amazing. If anyone should take responsibility for their actions it’s Obama. The mission this SEAL lost his life on was started during the PREVIOUS administration and simply continued to be carried out.

  65. May I add, president Trump is NOT the first president to honor a grieving family,
    Obama did and presidents before him. Because it’s president Trump you people have to rag on him? I am sick and tired of of everyone putting him down on everything he does, I didn’t want Obama in office I didn’t cry about it when he was in office I gave him a chance, now give Trump a chance. People have to realize you don’t always get what you want!!! Let the man do his job.

  66. Once again the weak liberals who wilt like flowers, who have no strength and cannot rise above the pain and adversity. People who curl up and die when anything painful arises. I lost my daughter when she was 19. I had the choice to curl up in the fetal position and die, I have e to fight this demon every day and it will become my “friend” that will never leave me. However, I want to LIve for my daughter, and I refuse to allow the grief to incapacitate me. I CHOOSE TO HONOR HER with LIFE and make her proud. I choose to be strong and overcome. I am always amazed how liberals always turn themselves into victims and wallow in their negativity. If anything it’s those kiinds of people who want attention…… Poor me, come bring me casseroles, and send me prayers and little hearts and hugs on FB. The more the left opens their collective mouths the more they disgust me with their weakness. I applaud this widow because she had to stand there for a very long period of time while the world looked upon her grief and her vulnerability. She stood strong and held it together. She honored her husband and I admire her for her strength of character to be able to do so rather than curl up in a fetal position, which I know would be much easier to do. But she’s not weak like the left. She is definitely a woman., A true “feminist”, a hero and pillar of strength and admiration for girls to look up to, and the left rear her down. Go figure.

  67. […] are pathetic!!! Whoopi Goldberg: Navy SEAL Widow was "Looking for Attention" | The Underground Report "An armed society is a polite society. Manners are good when one may have to back up his acts […]

  68. I use to be a fan of Whoopie , but, now i have no respect at all for her. The View needs to be cancelled and replaced with something better! So tired of ignorance like this.

  69. What business is it of yours’ anyway? You, Whoopi, are a disgrace to be an American. The View is one show I’ve never cared for. You are the one that loves the attention or spotlight, opening your big mouth!, and it is big!, and putting your foot in it! Take View off the air and put reruns of Mr. Ed, on in their spot! He has a big mouth but at least he’s fun to watch!!!!

  70. Whoopi, Trump Airlines will fly your a$$ out of this country permanently if you hate it here so much. You are a disgrace to our country and should be ashamed of your ugly self.

  71. Whoopee, Joy and the rest of the liberals trash talking on the most hated talk show ever. Take “The View” off TV, we are sick of the crap this show spews. Start with Whoopi, this hateful bitch has had her better days, now just one of biggest reasons to boycott this show. Ugly is too good for the “Whoop”. Move out of our country & take that other bitch “Joy” with you. None of you deserve to live here. Pack your shit spewing friends and leave, we don’t want you here.

  72. Whoopi did not leave the great USA because she would have lost her meal ticket and support of her little inner circle! She needs to be gone and NO one will miss here! The American men and woman who have fought for our freedom, died for those freedoms should be honored, remembered and NEVER forgotten! We need to support them and all the last several presidents from Bush, Clinton and Obama administrations promised to clean up the VA system (BROKEN AND NOT WORKING) and start supporting our troops and their families! Trump will try and clean up this system and we all need to put away our past negative ideas and support him and his cabinet no mater our differences and just move on…period!

  73. Let’s not forget that this less-than-successful event that cost Navy SEAL Owens’ precious life was planned and set up by obama and obama’s military officials prior to President Trump’s inauguration. Trump’s mistake was to trust this obama-planned fiasco was going to work. President Trump should have canceled the exercise based entirely on the fact that it was obama’s and his crony military directors idea. Trump’s military officials should have re-scheduled a new military exercise. Of course, the one obama set up was going to fail, because obama never set up a military raid that he wanted to succeed in killing his own people. In fact, whenever possible, obama supplied arms to the opposition. Perhaps President Trump went through with it because of his full plate not allowing him to focus fully on it, as he has been accomplishing everything by himself because the dimocraps refuse to confirm a full cabinet for him.

  74. How can she be critical of someone / something she knows nothing about? She has never been a military wife, or a widow! Having been a widow myself, I can tell you, I didn’t close myself up in my house with my grief. Instead, I sought those people I felt closest to to lift my spirits and help me feel alive again! As it’s said, “Life is for the living!” I’m sure this woman’s husband would want her to go on with her life HAPPILY!

  75. The best way to show your disdain for that terrible show is to not watch it ! People all over America are sick, and tired of the nonsense uttered on that show, yet they get away with it, with the 100 “morons” in the audience clapping everytime they say some of their nonsense.

  76. Libtards………wow. Just when you think you are scraping the bottom of the barrel of Libtards……..this just proves if you look UNDER the barrel………….. I never would have guessed some people could be so damn dumb. Must be hard to eeek your way through life like that. If you’re gonna be dumb….ya gotta be tough! Great job, Libtards.

  77. First of all, I don’t care that she felt the need to go there. I do care, however, that the illegitimate fucking moron in the White House just used her for propaganda! If he REALLY cared about her or her husband’s sacrifice, he would ACT like a president and take responsibility for the botched raid that cause his death and the deaths of 13 innocent women and children instead of blaming everyone else! Better yet, maybe if he went to intelligent briefings and listened to his Generals (yea I know he is sooo much smarter than the Generals) he would have realized that this particular raid should not have happened and this Navy Seal would still be alive today!

  78. I still don’t, and never will, understand why celebrities are given a forum to voice their political opinions or why we, as a society, place any validity on what they think! They get paid to entertain. They may have some intellectual thoughts, but to speak out as an entertainer, through an entertainment forum, we shouldn’t even pay attention.

  79. Whoopi. Please leave the country like you promised. PLEEEEEEEEZZZZ. You are not a true American. So stfu, pack your bags and go you nasty pos

  80. If getting attention is something that can comfort her and ease her pain, then she deserves all the attention she can get. Who is Goldberg to judge that poor woman?!

  81. You again show just what a piece of ceap you are. My son is serving in Iraq to protect you and your lazy fat ass. God forbid if something happened to my son. Yes i would WANT to crawl.in a hole and die with him but i couldnt do that because he wouldnt want me to. And if the President of the United States invited me to HONOR my son i would go as i am so very proud of him.

    You are such a pos. Your own hatered for President Trump has made you such a sore sour mean hateful himan. Over the last 2 years you have ranted about him. I r3ally thought you would of went back to Africa by now to blend in. Yes im a racist too. I cant stand STUPID IGNORANT BLACK , WHITE, GREEN , PURPLE people and you Whoopi are one VERY STUPID MONKEY . Oh and i hate ALL Musluims. That i really !!!

  82. I find it hysterical these black women on this page saying this poor woman is there just to get attention. Every single day one of you is on local news screaming about the loss of your poor innocent baby after a rival gang member kills them. Hypocrites.

  83. Whoopi Goldberg is a complete narcissistic biotch, who needs to leave the U.S. and do us all a favor. She makes me embarrassed to be an American because of her (if you don’t think like me then you are pathetic) attitude, typical liberal snowflake dumbass. The VIEW NEEDS TO GET CANCELLED THOSE OLD BIOTCHES ARE RIDICULOUS.

  84. I thought The View was created to reflect the different views of its viewers and show all sides / views / opinions with a diverse panel of women- diversity in age, race, profession and political affiliation? That was, and perhaps still is the Barbara Walters message during the opening of the show. Now it is nothing more than middle aged liberal women who half the population cannot relate to. At least when Elizabeth Hasselbeck was on, she stood her ground and didn’t waiver on her conservative beliefs or Republican support, even though she was out numbered 4 to 1. Now the View is lead by a racist black woman- Whoopie Goldberg- who tells anyone who disagrees with her they are wrong and a washed up comedian-Joy Behar- who can’t see past her own hate to see the truth; and has a panel of liberal or wavering toward liberal moderates that pander to Whoopie and Joy. I guess if you are a Trump hating liberal woman, the View is for you. But how can anyone defend Whoopie for calling the Navy Seal’s widow an attention whore for attending Trump’s speech in which he honored her fallen husband? #ShameOnYouWhoopie #ThoughtWhoopieGoldbergWasMovingOutOfCountry

  85. Whoopi… You just made the biggest mistake ever. You are a prejudiced woman chauvinistic b**** you need to go to Syria and live with not your money.

  86. I’ve gone from liking, then disliking, and now, feeling some sympathy for Whoopi.
    She is filled with so much hate! How can she live with herself????

    As for Joy, she is just full of fruit-loops…loopy.

    The VIEW is NOT ever on our watch list. Just reading the horrible stuff about their show, is enough!!!

  87. Whoopi,
    You ladies on this show continue to amazing at how low you will actually stoop. The mean and hateful things you say about others. How do you live with yourself. I believe Beelzebub has a wicked and evil hold on you.
    You will be in my prayers.

  88. What a mean and despicable thing for Whop to say. She is speaking of all military wives when she made that remark. Shame, shame, shame on her. She is so thoughtless. Mrs Owens showed all of America what our service wives are made of! Ms Goldberg is not fit to clean their shoes, and I don’t care how many movies she has made or how many talk shows she has been on. Just one more “so called star” I won’t be paying hard earned money to see anymore. Goodbye Ms. Goldberg, you are thoughtless and mean.

  89. Please let me pack your bags Whoopi! Remember you have that freedom to leave due to this man loss of life! You make me sick! Everyone grieves different, also no matter who is the President is when you get an invite from the White House you RSVP with see you then. Well let me clarify this is how you would respond if you you loved the freedom you have and appreciate it!

  90. Free speech, even stupid, ugly free speech is protected. But what gives people like her the right to a billion dollar microphone to shout their venom? Someone take it away and reduce her and her ilk to standing on soapboxes on street corners again to preach their lunacy.

  91. Shame on the View for not kicking her to the curb!! She needs to take her butt home and stay there! I have no words to describe what she said about the Navy Seal’s Widow!! If being a Liberal makes you say those things about a Widow, then if I ever become a LIBERAL just shoot me!! I would rather die than be such a Hateful Mean Malicious Person! There are a few more words I could use but won’t in public!!

  92. She needs to be fired and deported, that man gave his life for his country, the very country that she said she would leave if Donald Trump became President, and I see now she is a liar, she hasn’t moved yet. It’s time to pack your bags and leave the country that you are a disgrace to!! How dare you!!

  93. Trumps campaign was full of hatred and was full of racism. All his followers were rude and spouting the hatred also. Then he won and everyone who was following didn’t really think he would win. Then they got quiet and started bringing God into it by saying God put him there and as christians (LOL) we must respect him and hope he does what he promised. Read these comments the majority of Trump followers are the nasty ones and have no problem continuing to spew hatefulness at everyone who doesn’t agree with them. Have a civil conversation with facts not garbage you read online and think is true. I’m sad for the woman who lost her husband and I will lift her up in prayer. We have come so far don’t contribute to us going backwards….

  94. When your spouseor lived one is killed while in the military, active duty, how can you not honor his life and the fact that he died doing what he wanted to do? It’s honoring his life, not his death. This man lost his life serving his country. The fact that he died doing what he chose to do is honorable. He was not drafted. He chose to join the military. He lost his life protecting his country, YOUR COUNTRY!! There is NOTHING more honorable than that.
    For that woman, Goldberg, to insult his wife is chicken shit. She is nothing more than a hateful bully!! I’m still waiting for this evil heartless woman to leave like she promised if Trump was elected!! Go bye you nasty woman!

  95. You, Goldberg, are just a very cruel heartless bitch!!!! What’s wrong with you??upset because the “limelight” wasn’t on you and actually on someone else that is a real person with a heart?? You have no soul and where do you think you get off giving your opinion on others?? You don’t know her and to comment the way you have,makes me think it would be something you would do for that 15 mins…What a waste of space YOU are…if you feel that way just shut up and keep your disgraceful opinions to yourself…total respect for this poor widow and her husband!!! And respect for Trump as well…

  96. WOW. I was watching the View and Whoopi also stated that President Trump was not HER president. I am sorry but I actually thought that Whoopi was an American citizen??? Hmmmm What that woman did to honor her husband was courageous and admirable. And the fact that OUR President recognized his and her efforts was truly great. That symbolized the efforts of all our military and their families and the sacrifices they make for OUR country. I am proud to be an American citizen, proud and thankful for our military and their families. And proud of all those that help every citizen in this country, police, fire, teachers, etc. Isn’t it about time some get of the “pitty pot” and be thankful and respectful? Our President is doing a great job and against all odds. Oh yeah – I will no longer be watching the View. That show has become disgraceful.

  97. Whoopi is so deplorable, and is so full of hate, like another person said in a comment the widow was not there for herself she was there to honor her deceased husband. Liberals please stop the the hate, and please stop the hate it looks so bad on you.

  98. that fucking lying nigger bitch was suppose to leave the united states when trump got elected, That worthless nigger bitch has no fucking room talking about anybody,

  99. She didn’t do it for her fifteen minutes of fame!!!!!!!!! Any military wife, of which I am one, will tell you, she did it to honor her husband and all those who DO NOT get any recognition. I am proud of her for putting her personal grief aside and supporting her husband and what he died for. He may not have believed in the issues or the situation for which he sacrificed his life for, but he is a soldier and soldiers serve at the honor of their Commander and Chief, and at the time he was probably sent to where he was serving by our wonderful past President Obama. Whoopi has no right to attack this woman simply because she does not like President Trump. Leave her alone, you think she needs your opinion on why she appeared at this event???? Let her grieve her husband with honor and respect.

  100. Snopes, there’s a non biased source for the truth.
    This is the first member of our military that’s been killed on Trump’s watch. On top of that, he was a Navy Seal, the best of the best. Two weeks ago, Jong “Songbird” McCain stated that Ryan’s mission, WAS A FAILED MISSION. While McCain is an expert on failed missions, he had 6, he’s not an expert on this mission. The last thing that this woman, her children, and the rest of their family, needed to hear was that Ryan’s mission was a “failed mission”. Especially when it was a successful mission.
    President Trump accomplished a few things the other night re: Ryan Owens.
    He honored Ryan, his wife, his children and his family.
    He set the record straight on the success of the mission.
    He bitch slapped the loser John Songbird McCain.

  101. Whoopie Goldberg has the brain power of a flea! Wish you would keep your word and get the hell out of this country. It’s parasites like you who keep things stirred up!

    • Snopes is a liberal website. This might be a “satire” website (Whatever that means) but it agrees with me so it must be true. – the mind of a conservative

  102. That is such a angry evil statement. Whoopies soul is full of hate sadly. Makes no sense to even begain saying such a vial statement. She can care less about your stupid 15 minutes, as if they is important. Because a it’s not. Her husband and God are what’s important. Screw this fake TV fame shit. Whoopie what are your values? Is God proud of you?

  103. Saying that this site is truthful is a lie Whopi never said that and this is a fake news. I see my other comment from yesterday never got posted.

  104. LoL,Most of you people are funny and not funny ha,ha,funny you poor dumb Hrumpf supporters ! None of this is true you moronic people,it’s FAUX news ! Everybody funny now you funny too ! LoLoLoL

  105. You have alot of nerve talking about being an attention seeker, when you are the “Queem” of seeking attention with your constant rhetoric! You really need to spend some time in the mirror and find yourself.

  106. Whoopi, I think you have it wrong this time. I agree with most people not being able to even leave the house after this kind of loss BUT I honestly believe she didn’t even want to be there. You could see her quiver and sit ackwardly as the applause went on for what seemed to be forever. It was tough for me to even watch her falling apart while Trump’s daughter stared at her probably feeling horrible and wondering what she could do to help (beyond the occasional touch of the hand and gaze her way). It was a feeble attempt by the POTUS to both clear his conscious after green lighting the attack AND a great way to redirect the speech in the absence of any real substance and details that are so badly needed in his speeches or talking points. And before anyone starts with the “she must be a dem” or “obviously a Trump hater”….. save it, because you’re wrong. Everyone is privy to their own opinion…. but there are some that just shouldn’t be spoken in a public forum OR at all (for that matter). Love you Whoopi but this was one of those times where compassion should’ve taken the forefront over a political jab or a punchline.

  107. Whoppi is a disgusting POS who is heartless and should keep her disrespectful comments to herself! I will never watch that bashfest of a show ever again. I was in my doctors waiting room & the View was on so I had no choice but to hear it & all she & the other followers did the whole time was bad mouth our President Donald Trump! She wouldn’t call him by his name except for once she called him Don. That’s a disgrace to our country & something should be done to stop this trash talk. If anyone did that to Obama she would be screaming racism.

  108. Whoopi i used to like you but i will never watch one of your shows again. You are destespectful and your veiws are stupid. Maybe if you dont like it here leave the country. No one will miss you. If anyone is getting 15 min of fame its you. You have done nothing in the last few years except make rude and hatefull coments about others.

  109. Apparently, she has never lost anyone close to her. I spent 2 years creating a memorial website for my son after he died. Validating their life, and that they were here is THE most important thing to you after a loss. How in the world The View is still on air is beyond me. Everyone I know hates these stupid women and their crazy views. You couldn’t force me to watch them.

    • I’m very sorry you had to experience the loss of your son. Unfortunately, this story isn’t true. Everything on this website is made up because it is a satire website.

  110. I think whoopie goldberg should shut her mouth. She wants her 15 minutes of fame. I was wishing she would leave the country like she once said. She thinks she is a “star” but to me she is only a racist . If it was a black soldier she would act a lot different . goldberg should shut up and go back to her life of “Fame” and let the rest of the world be and KEEP HER OPPIONIONS TO HER SELF !!! I don’t think her name should have caps

    • Respectfully Sir, you are reading a fake news website. It says so below. Maybe you should look into where your news is coming from before going on the attack.

  111. whoopi is a lame bitch and a total loser…..we need to do a total boycott of hollywood and its lame movie stars………

    • Blaine seems like your brain boycotted your body. You’re reading a satire website which means this story is not true. Learn where you get your news from.

  112. Looking back on this after the truth has come out, I laugh at all you gullible fools. You believed it because you wanted to, not because it was actually a fact.

  113. Underground News Report is a news and political satire web publication, which may or may not use real names, often in semi-real or mostly fictitious ways. All news articles contained within Undergroundnewsreport.com are fiction, and presumably fake news. Any resemblance to the truth is purely coincidental, except for all references to politicians and/or celebrities, in which case they are based on real people, but still based almost entirely in fiction. Undergroundnewsreport.com is not meant for individuals under the age of 18.
    Contact us: undergroundnewsreport@tutamail.com

  114. You bet the farm lying about all the shit you lie about on the site, I hope it was worth it when you’re sitting broke and homeless.

  115. As a staunch liberal progressive gay Democrat I just have to say that *somebody* needs to slap these military widows square across the face and say “snap the fuck out of it…. girl” .

    That’s being real. None of this PC bullshit.


  116. Not true people. It’s sad to say that the author of this story is making money out of putting people’s lives in danger. Whoopi already knows you are in Costa Rica she’s coming for you.

  117. The creator of this website states up front the nature of the site. It is neither slander nor libel. Folks who rushed to judge – particularly those who issued quite a lot of hateful racist comments above – should apologize for behaving so irresponsibly as they admit their error. The anger and judgement above is based on satire that has been mistakenly taken seriously. I’m an American who believes we should be accountable for OUR mistakes – these folks have made a mistake.


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