Julian Assange unveiled another bombshell Sunday evening, alleging that wikileaks now has hard proof that former President, Barack Hussein Obama, operated and participated in a pedophile ring based in the white house.

A leaked email released today read,

“A young boy the age of 5. He will make the perfect catamite for the president. He will arrive from Romania on Tuesday. I’m sure the president will be pleased.”

“The leak is bound to start a massive investigation”, Assange said. “That is if we can get the word out before the news is swallowed up by the Obama shadow government.”


Obama has not yet responded for comment.

Other notables named in the report as being involved in the ring are the following:

Bill Clinton

Hillary Clinton

Tim Kaine

Elizabeth Warren

Jimmy Carter

Harry Reid

Ben Affleck

Cory Booker

Al Franken

Nancy Pelosi

*** UPDATE- Anyone who believes this story or any other story on this website needs to read this post ***



  1. I believe it. They are scum. Down with the obama’s his it wife are him took 111 million dollars worth of stuff that should be repaid back to the taxpayers. Back to America.

    • Sadie Robers, you are the stupid trash that lives on this earth, unless you are part of the pedophile ring and it is bothering you, do you have children, little sisters, nieces, nephews, just watch their back, they may even get kidnapped for sexual abuse and organ traffich, just wake up, stop taking so much alcohol or drugs.

    • what did u expect its tradition for Muslims Obama is the second biggest killer in history after Hitler for all the dead in Syria n Lybia all this blood is on Obama hands

    • Vickie, I know this is a bitter pill to swallow I was just like you until someone turned me on to a you tube video. If you want to see what is going on please watch pizzagate A Primer on you tube. It open my eyes to the vile things around us. This is NOT about Dem or Rep–they are all involved. Best of luck to you

    • I’m so happy, because soon I’m going to travel to the United States to see Barry Soetoro and Killary in person in orange and handcuffs. Hahaha, hahaha, hahaha, be happy, S. M F.

    • Sadie, Wikileaks already exposed John Podesta’s emails before the election, and they revealed a pedophile and sex trafficking operation involving Hillary, Bill and Podesta, including dates, ages, sex, and temperatures of hot tubs and menus. These sick piles of garbage on the left have fully engorged themselves into their favorite Islamic cult they condones and accepts this behavior. The emails do not lie. Only liberals do.

      • Yeah, Republicans never lie…bwhahahahahahahahahaaa. You all can dislike Obama all you want but to accuse him of child trafficking, you all need to get your heads checked out. If you guys/gals are so against molestation why do you choose to let so many molesters & rapists live long lives, even go free, so they can find more victims to prey upon?! So many conservative Christians do not believe the death penalty-well now, thanks for contributing to more molestation’s & rapes.

      • You do know this is a satirical website made of fake news, don’t you? Wait, no, the whole point was to expose the ignorance and stupidity of people exactly like you.

        The only think that never disappoints in Trump supporters is their empty brains and their hearts full of hate. You don’t even deserve insults, just pity.

    • Too bad for the dems., these people are all democrats that are going to be arrested. I have been reading about this for the past year. The people getting arrested are going to destroy the democrat party…….what’s left of them.

      • All insider say these pedos are spread more or less equally through both parties, percentage estimates range from 30 to 70% of DC politicians has been compromised.

    • Sadie, I cannot wait to see the scumbag Democrats in JAIL! Why do you think Obama has set up this “SHADOW GOV”? He knows his ass is grass when President Trump starts his weedeater! lol! We are draining the swamp!

    • Obama is the scumbag and the rest of the corrupt child molesting perverts in th bunch. This is the truth. I have been following their Pizza/ Hot dog bull crap since last year and The clintons jumped a plane and got out of Haiti before they were arrested with one of their helpers there and she was caught. They were trying to make it out of that country with supposed to be orphan children and bringing them to safety, when the truth came out most of the children they were grabbing had been abducted and if you stand by touchy feely Joe Biden who couldn’t keep his fingers off of little girls and Obama and Michelle /Michael Robinson who is a man, Then you are no better then they are. Obama’s shadow government is run to cover his filth and corruption he has going. He is a Muslim terrorist. STOP BEING IGNORANT,

    • In denial Wikileaks over the last 10 years have an impeccable 100%accuracy over millions of documents … and you want to stand alone defending the likes of Obama over an innocent voiceless child that many of us truly would be better not to speculate on the soul destroying trauma has suffered as consequence. COME ON REALLY …..

      • There’s an article on the front page of this website explaining that this is a fake news site, dated March 3rd, before you posted this comment.

        There is a disclaimer at the bottom of this page stating that this article, and others are all fake.

        There are other people pointing this exact thing out in the comments.

        Yet you still 100% believed a fabricated story without doing a single bit of research. You immediately took it as fact because certain buzzwords, like ‘Wikileaks’, are used, and the article confirmed your bias by giving you the justification you need for it. Yet no verification of any of the ‘facts’ presented in this article occurred.

        This implies one of three things. Either you are an idiot, and will believe anything with the thinnest veneer of credibility. Or you are a bigot, which allows you to be willingly ignorant without actually being stupid. Or you are a troll, and just like spouting any opinion, regardless of your beliefs, because you like to upset people.

        The first is sad but understandable, the third is deplorable but potentially forgivable. But being a bigot is unforgivable. In any case, please try to improve yourself, please try to follow your religious upbringing (doesn’t matter what you believe because all religions, ALL RELIGIONS, all practice the Golden Rule and the love and acceptance of your fellow man as their foundation), and please have a good day.

  2. The Stupid is strong in you. But hey, you are entitled to your opinion. I will tell you this much though. If ANY president is going to run a child sex ring out of the Whitehouse, it DEFINITELY would not be Obama, it would be Trump.

    Time to up your meds.

      • Love it, the people that can’t get enough of the low lifer’s, dragging them around by the nose the way they like it, can’t stand the truth about the trash people. All of the trash people (Obama, Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, and their Low Grade Followers who are still holding Political Office where selling America to the Highest Bidders. President Trump and all of we who voted for Trump stop that bullshit. All of you Socialist, Communist, Sheria Law supporters keep watching the Walking Dead movies, you are who these movies where made for to keep you motivated.

    • Time for you to get off the drugs and wake up. Stop the Trump hate so you can see with some clarity what has gone on in the USA since obama took office. The pedophile ring is world wide. You only need to stop hating for a while and do some news searches across the globe for articles and info on the pedophile rings. Hillary had many supporters who were involved. Do you seriously think so many wanted to just put a woman in the white house and a tampon machine in the bathroom? You openly lay claim that man you don’t know. president trump, would be a pedophile? You and people like you are the reason this country is in serious trouble. You disgust me and those like you are simple minded people with no ability to reason and make logical claims never mind actual research and look for real facts. IF you have no intentions of learning the facts before your mouth spews our more filth and lies please refrain from commenting anywhere. I’m willing to bet money you have no idea of the plan Obama followed to weaken USA and allow it to be taken over. It’s upsetting to know half the USA lived under a rock and is out there against a man who would save their freedom and country. By the way Trump had many more business deals in the works but gave it up to fight for the same country that gave him his opportunity. I ask what the hell you have done for this country besides bad mouth the man suggesting he is a pedophile.

      • Thank you, John. You have spoken truth. God bless you and all the souls awakening to the larger reality, which includes demonic activity. This must eventually be acknowledged by the majority, and dealt with. Trump is here to fight evil, he is convinced that if he serves the people properly, including increasing their prosperity and righting wrongs that have been inflicted upon them that he will make spiritual advancement. He is correct about that, he has a special job to do, and the will to do it, and the divine backing to be successful.

      • Thank you John you are so correct i wish more so called americans would wake up before there isnt an america anymore. If President Trump does not succeed in changing this country this country is gone for good.

      • So well said 👍👍 God bless Trump God bless America and God bless everyone who believes in America or laws and our Constitution 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

      • My friend watches the news on a channel out of lsreal. She said it is shocking the things that are going on in America that the lying main stream media does not report. I yhink we are in for big problems if we don’t return to the God given values that our founding Fathers intended for this country!

      • Dear John…You are so very right in all you have written. Anyway I am on the edge of my seat,,,I have been watching this for the last 3 yrs….every thing…The plastic coffins millions off them which could take up to 5 people…stacked up in fields all over. Jade Helm….all ready to take down the American people….giving different colors to each house hold…people that would be dumbed down from watching The Kardashians for the last 8yrs and they would not have a clue whats going on….Obama was planing to gas them all… the fema camps…as they would be called “Breeders “..and of no use in society so lets just kill them off….I read where he planed to gas all inmates in all the prisons in America..yeah get them on lock down and then just gas them to death…evil prick…oh and what about the 30,000 guillotines that were going to be placed all over America…so the people would definately have a Sheria law head chopping session every week for the folk to watch…I mean It is so very evil and totally Satan in control……..I Praise GOD ALMIGHTY that this has a real chance to be stopped before it begins…..Those poor little children…I have read accounts from actual children telling what has happened to them its just so very painful to see them talk. I was very scared and I have been Talking to The Lord Our GOD……My spelling is bad…but i know you will get what I am saying…..I really Hope and pray that he does not kill Trump and come back in as the dictator he is…..But now this is all coming to the light…….we have a chance………………..thank you for reading my thoughts on this time in our lives on this earth……x Mary Sybil……

          • Hi Glovey can you believe these people’s attitudes and gullibility. Explains why trump got in with these ignorant, idiot racists who believe anything. These people are morons and bastards.


          • probably most of these simpletons have no clue as to what the word
            “fabricated” means. so the majority of these simpletons still have no
            idea that this whole site was concocted to make them look like the
            bunch of dumbass fools that they truly are.

          • I’m reading this in Europe. These comments are extremely frightening. To think that there are people on this planet who despite the disclaimers on this website still go on and promote the nonsense this comical bugger is writing is beyond belief.
            It is wrong to generalise and say that all Americans are obviously off their rockers but genuine Americans must be concerned about the reputation of their country.
            No wonder there is so much humour on the internet around Trump and his family et al. He is truly a grand source of humour and terror. I suspect that Americans are quickly learning what irony is.

      • Ha ha, you big dope. You talk about doing research and finding facts and you were easily duped by a fake web site. The site even said that all articles were fake. Face it- pizzagate was a lie, there are no Democratic pedophile rings, Obama was not trying to destroy America and, if you like Donald Trump, you cannot claim to be a Christian.

        • Totally agree. These Dump supporters, and right wingers in general, have got to be the dumbest bunch of morons I have ever seen in my life. These people will literally believe anything if it puts the Democrats in a bad light. These stupid motherfuckers are destroying our country with their lack of intelligence that makes them vote for con men like Donald “Agent Orange” Trump. They are too dumb to realize that by voting for these Rethuglican snake oil salesmen, they are voting against their own best interests every time. Their stupidity forces the rest of us to suffer their immense idiocy each time they cast a vote for these no good, lying Repukes. The US is fucked until all of these old fuckers simply die off.

    • Everyone called him also a liar when they brought up the Killary emails and was proven to be true. So just wait to see what happen before make dumm comments.

    • Yeah sure, with all his dedicated pastors surrounding him daily to pray for him and his safety. They found Obama’s drug paraphernalia hidden and left in WH! Reeally?

    • GOD is good, HE is exposing it all HE hates it! I would say to all democrats that have not already left that party, better do it now, its so full of disgusting corrupt creatures perpetrating evil… now is your chance to think for yourself, and leave the garbage behind, anyone who stays affiliated with them, after this, is going to look like a supporter of child molestation and total evil corruption….look already biden is trying to save himself….he knows

    • You must hate America, just like Obama does? When are you ppl going to wake up? I suppose you’ll have to once they’ve been prosecuted and are incarcerated for the crimes they’ve committed….

      • This whole thing is fake news all of it I’m having such a good time reading this if you still actualy belive in all this then dear god your moronic this whole site is nothing but fake news you assholes always say don’t belive in fake news the media lies and look at all of you beliving in this fake news if your still don’t belive me here are my two evidnce


        And two found at the bottom of this page

        Underground News Report is a news and political satire web publication, which may or may not use real names, often in semi-real or mostly fictitious ways. All news articles contained within are fiction, and presumably fake news. Any resemblance to the truth is purely coincidental, except for all references to politicians and/or celebrities, in which case they are based on real people, but still based almost entirely in fiction. is not meant for individuals under the age of 18.
        Contact us:

  3. This is just a few.

    Trump has given the green light to go after globalist child molesters

    Woman Investigating Clinton Foundation Child Trafficking Found Dead

    See Potential Clinton Foundation Child Trafficking Ring!

    • Tons of nasty info on them so this isn’t all that surprising. And there were many articles about his Obama got his money as a young man too. Not good either! Obama and the Clintons are very sick and twisted people!

        • unless? unless?! UNLESS?! son, this is god. what the HELL do you think this is? i’ll tell you one thing. this article is a pile of #&!$^$!$^^*$^*!@(()@$*&(!@))(*#&*#(!(@#

  4. Ok, I was curious about this article, because I too believe 100% in Pizza Gate. That is, until I saw Jimmy Carter and Ben Affleck named. Seriously? You realize that Affleck is the #1 champion of these same children? Those who are caught up in these sex rings, right? Bringing down child sex rings is his JOB…and he’s damn good at it. No one hates these SOB’s more that he does. This article is bs. Jimmy Freaking Carter?!? There is another one who fights for the children. He has saved the lives of millions since leaving office! The man is a saint for Christ’s sake! Come on now, let’s use our heads here people. I see a few more names on this list who have either spoken out AGAINST our public officials who are suspected to be involved in Pizza Gate…or who are simply a thorn in the Repubs side, who they would love to get rid of. All I’m saying is that it’s very easy to just throw a person’s name on a list this horrible…but you better have proof.

    • sorry, but bearing a cross does not mean you are free from sin. a great many good Samaritans who care deeply for children and help with childrens causes, are in fact neck deep in filth.
      sandusky? jimmy savile? numerous clergy issues?
      i dont want to spread cynicism, but if evidence stands up to critical scrutiny, then the truth, no matter how nasty, is the truth. like this report. my next stop is wiki and the web to see if i can verify it. i can believe its true, but i doubt thats its true. assange’s web would have been cut and he would be dead for releasing something like this

    • Sorry to burst you’re bubble but many are tricked into it than blackmail, I do believe Carter isn’t as saintly as you believe remember he ran some nasty anti black programs in his administration.

    • Deanna- Some priest in the Catholic Church violated the sacred trust between a spiritual teacher and the pedophilia desire to touch children. Is Ben Affleck or Jimmy Carter beyond the Devils world of temptation ? I kind of had your opinion myself until I thought about it some more. A perpetrator of a crime often times attempts to help the investigators to try and deflect the attention.

  5. My God…. it’s amazing how blind we all were to what was happening…. so sad. The bible talks about a lot of these things… we are here to see it… so sad… I pray that God strike down these evil people. It’s just awful.

  6. I hope ,that’s is a fake…..,but everybody know that Maometto,one of his many wife was 9 year old….,and is written on the CORANO, so ,for the moslem is a law……!!!!!
    So,for a moslem ( Obama),is perfect natural…,isn’t pedofilia…..!!!!!!

  7. I want to see the evidence. Need to post it on the internet. We need to share and make sire everyone sees it! We need the world to see it if its true!

    • While, I personally am still waiting for evidence, factual, indisputable evidence. In the mean time, how many pussies is Trump grabbing?! Disgusting environment, health destroying creep that he is. How many children will be harmed due to his poor decisions?!

      • Really? Obviously you don’t seek the truth, IF you did you would, by now know that was ALL a bunch of the liberals BS in attempt to detour decisions against voting for him …. REALLY?

        • THANK you sally. please, people, do you even know what fake news is? THIS IS FAKE NEWS! also, this is going to get taken down by the idiots that run this thing.

  8. Sadly, most don’t know their history. From the late 1700’s early 1800’s all the way to the present, the democrats have always fought to keep slavery. They changed one form of slavery for a financial form of slavery in 1964. They fought to keep segregation. Hillary was a goldwater girl, and her mentor was alinsky (sp).
    The very party of tolerance throughout the centuries has actually been the party of racism, hate, power and greed originating with President Jackson. So if Obama and others did in fact do this. .it would come as no surprise.

  9. Obama is a product and flunkey of rich. white and influential people in U.S.A. He would not have any chance to be president if he was not obedient.
    There is no democracy in U.S.A.. It is money and not normal people who govern in U.S.A.
    One way to improve the democracy in U.S.A. is by substituting representative to direct democracy system there.

  10. We do know that the Clintons were associates of a billionaire businessman who served time for pedophilia. The stories I read detailed their trips on a private jet to this fellow’s private island where young girls were “partied”. I’d have to google the fellow’s name, but it has been reported in the news.

  11. You right wing nuts are so gullible! You wouldn’t recognize fake news if it hit u on the head! Which most right wing news is. Why aren’t there any specifics? What exact date was this revealed? What Sunday? Where did he release it. Where are the leaked emails? Where is a link? No wonder the country is going down the tubes. we have a bunch of right wing dimwits that vote!

    • I don’t understand why they are putting this out there! Now Obama has been given a heads up and will undoubtedly respond with a terror attack to take attention awsy from himself in all of this!

      Hannity would not have done a segment on it if there was excellent evidence.

    • you make me laugh you Liberal idiots —call us dimwits -and your the ones that wanted Hillary for pres ,lmao — no hiding from that –“we the people ” know who the REAL dimwits are —

    • Larry, I couldn’t of said it any better. Thank goodness there is another reasonably thinking person here. Pussy grabbing Trump is their Savior here, UGH. How much hate do they portray towards others in their everyday lives?! All these “save the Kids, shame on child sex trafficking wannabes here. How many of these wannabes contribute to child illnesses, birth defects, and suffering by their everyday choices?! Decisions such as poisons they allow companies to put on & in food, in the water kids are eating & drinking?! Are they doing everything they can to protect the environment, wildlife, that these kids will some day inherit?! Or they giving them heart disease, diabetes, obesity, Gastroschesis, allergies, etc etc etc. Oh, and lets not forget letting Child Molesters get out of jail free cards. HYPOCRITES!!

  12. they are not going to find anything because they got the heads up. seriously. an other ” here’s what we are going to do….” same way it done.

  13. Jeff Gannon’ White House
    Scandal Blasted Open
    Who Allowed Gay Prostitutes To Freely Roam
    The West Wing Of The White House?
    Tom Brokaw, 1989 “White House Call Boy Scandal” Reagan/Bush White House Pedophile ring The Franklin Cover-Up & Johnny Gosch Story Obama is RELATED to all US Presidents except one, Trump is related to Hillary,Obama related to Bush, Cheney, Gore, McCain,Palin, Kerry, Queen Elizabeth, Biden, Prince Charles Clinton Romney etc all RELATED

  14. Wikipedia iis also supported by many companies as well as tezms that are
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    sub-national or national companies, such aas Wikimedia Deutschland andd Wikimédia France), thematic
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  15. I don’t understand why they are putting this out there! Now Obama has been given a heads up and will undoubtedly respond with a terror attack to take attention awsy from himself in all of this!

  16. Why are people so surprised? The Kenyan fraud artist & fence jumper into the USA worked the mean streets of Chicago, before winning a U.S. Senate seat. Barack Hussein Obama’s as queer as they come, and has a criminal record which was concealed by the U.S. Secret Service. If the truth be known, Obama should be charged as a war criminal for helping to create ISIS in partnership with Saudi Arabia. Their goal was to overthrow Syrian President Assad. Russia’s Vladimir Putin, ruined their party in a big way, and now calls the shots in the Middle East. Obama’s close ties with Louis Farrakhan of the Muslim Brotherhood & their connections to ISIS & Al Qaida are paramount to treason. The Muslim Brotherhood is a 5th. column working to overthrow the elected sitting U.S. Government of President Donald J. Trump. The time has come to arrest Obama, and put an end to his shadow government in Washington D.C. America has one U.S. President, and that’s President Donald J. Trump.

  17. I was recommended this website by my cousin. I am not sure whether this post
    is written by him as no one else know such detailed about my
    problem. You are incredible! Thanks!

  18. Wikileaks facts have all been found to be true. Obama and Clinton have been connected with these Pedofile rings before, so it must be true. How downright filthy can a person get. This Is unforgivable. Life in prison. No wonder she probably does not see her own grandchildren.

  19. This is all part of the child sexual abuse ring known as “pizzagate”. As such, it has ties to convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein. The abuse is believed to have occurred on Epstein’s private island in the U.S. Virgin Islands, and is said to be part of some sort of Satanic ritual. In addition to those named in the above article, another individual believed to be involved in this whole mess is former Democratic Representative Anthony Weiner.

    • and Trump! Trump was at these parties and was a friend of Epstein. There are videos of Trump admitting his relationship with Epstein. You Trump morons are so quick to say that Clinton is a sexual predator but ignore the fact that Trump partied with Epstein on this island also.

  20. I’ve read a few good stuff here. Certainly worth bookmarking for revisiting. I surprise how much effort you put to make such a excellent informative website.

  21. If I remember right didn’t Clintons use a astronomer or something while he was in office,now it makes me wonder if they didn’t do these rituals instead and it was covered up by using the term astronomer or what ever

  22. yes children. Obama definitely ran an underground pedophile ring, and Hillary Clinton is definitely in a satanic cult. now run back to kindergarten where you belong.

    • Please put all politicians aside just for a moment. Take a deep breath and close your eyes. Now think about the Catholic churches, the priests, all past and present popes, the nuns & boys affected for the last 30 yrs. Do you see a connection to the homosexual laws, now gay marriage, now transgender, NOW THET ARE COMING AFTER THE CHILDREN at an early n tender age as one using radicals and their ideology to put us back into SLAVERY and bondage and control. Its a satanic cult. The media is involved by covering it up, Thats why trump is being attack right left center top bottom from n back because they are running scared.

      • Holy Christ there is LITERALLY a link on this article that says this site is fake. It was made to see just how far a fake news site can go and have people believe it. Seriously. Scroll back up and look just under where Nancy Pelosi’s name it listed. Look for the text that says *** UPDATE- Anyone who believes this story or any other story on this website needs to read this post *** Click the link. Read the article. IT IS FAKE. The website says it is fake. They don’t even hide it! The sole purpose is to show how fucking idiotic people like you are. You can’t even see it. Let that sink in. This is a parody of YOU. Bee Ezi. It is making fun of YOU. And you can’t even see it even though it SAYS it in plain English. Click the link. Grow the fuck up.

  23. This story, and the others, are admittedly faked by the author to show how gullible (and uneducated) so many Trump supporters are. Question: How do you get a lying; egomaniac; billionaire; with no government or military experience into the presidency? Simple, you lie to people who will believe anything, and they will vote him in.

    Scary and sad reflection on the Trump base.

  24. This news experiment is shocking and sad. Though unsubstantiated , non-vetted news fans fed a steady diet of “reality” TV and infotainment might lack critical thinking skills and logic they have their story to tell: poverty, substandard education , lack of opportunity. Though their expression of rage may be incoherent it is real.
    What is all the more destressing is that the vitriol served up by both right and left does no good. Calling each other “morons” does not fix the problem. Perhaps rather than internet rage ,yelling at each other online, let’s try actually listening to each other in human form over a beer or at a little league game. We might learn somthing. I,ll bet that doesn’t happen too often but it can mighty powerful. And beware that “A man hears what he wants to hear and disregards the rest.” (Shakespeare ) is a truism, . For both sides..

  25. I am a Christian and I don’t believe the outrageous libelous attacks posted here by so-called Christians.

    Good grief. Can’t the Obama girls have an innocent party with their friends without you judgemental… no, I can’t say it. Christians don’t use that kind of language….calling names?

  26. The stupidity displayed here by Trumpsters is staggering! We really do need to cull about 50% of the population of the USA. For those Trumpsters reading this, “cull” means to kill off. To thin the herd, so to speak. You people are just dumb as a bag of dicks. It’s an embarrassment to call you dolts “Americans”…

  27. It’s a fake ass article. Read the bottom. This is disinfo to defame the real pedogate opposition. Shame on this author.


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